October 1, 2023

16 thoughts on “Klaus Schwab appears alongside world leaders at ASEAN and B20

  1. Like a horror film!! Very scary!! Just goes to show we cannot trust any “leaders”, we can lead ourselves thank you very much.

  2. Third rate traitors, specially selected for their “qualities” by the satanists running today’s Clown World. And they look the part in those silly outfits.

  3. Australian Prime Minstrel, Forever Bend Da Kneesee, dressed in Simulated Kim Jong- U.N. Casual shirt, meets U.Sers Geriatric Societies 1ST Front Man, but after 2 Hours, realised finally, that A Mr Biden his time, was in fact a Photo shoot Mannequin! Later- No it Wasn’t!
    Other Notables; Santa Klaus Schwab, taking time out from Planetary Destructions Before Christmas, discusses with New ‘Installed’ U.K. Millionaire Prime Minstrel – a one Mr Risky Snake, why Trudy from Canada ISN’T wearing his Supplied ‘Club’ Badge! The 3 ‘Boys’, were seen together discussing their upcoming remakes, and dressed appropriately as, ‘The 3 Stooges’. In other Entertainment News, the same WEF Back ticklers, discussed- Viability & enough Cohesive Populations left to Entertain, after Globule EVENT 2001- A Planet Idiocracy, to do a Broadway remake of The 3 Armageddos! Risky Snake, seen in Photo practising theme song solo, to Play Ned Nederlander, Klaus to play Dusty Bottoms & Trudy from Canada to Play ‘Lucky Day’ – But only if ‘Makeup’ Dept can Guarantee his Eyebrows Stay on his face!
    Klaus also rumoured, along with Sidekick – Israeli ‘Interconnectual’ a Mr Your No Ferrari, to be remaking the ‘Science Based’ WEF Docu Drama Movie- The Boys from Brazil.

    OH! AND, a bucket load of Cretons got to get to work out How to TOTALLY SCREW UP, WHAT’S LEFT OF ‘HUMANITY’! N.Z. Prime Minstrel, A Ms Jackal with A Hernia, also seen Navigating Thru other ‘Chosen’ E.F. F.A.G.G.O.T.S. Yeees, you Knew it! An acronym = Favoured Authoritarian Global Genocidal Offensive Totalitarian Satanists.
    AND, a Elon MUSK, finally realised his new fragrance line STINKS, & thought better about ‘Rollon’ Up in Person, to save further Embracement! The brand called ‘O’-ZONEless, was criticized by an employee for Being ‘Exactly what happens’ when Elons Company ‘SPANK THE MONKEY-X’ Launches a Rocket into Space – OZONE Layer Holes from the Propellants! Elon Thanking The Employee as Security removed his Employment!
    In a slight complication & Ego oversight, Elon cancelled himself off the Twitter Platform, for Compromising his own platform ‘Conditions’, by appearing ‘Virtually’, without the permission of his own ‘Virtual Self’, TWIT!
    Wellness – Nothing to see Here!

  4. You know what would be a great way to distract most of the population to push through most of this agenda? Get them worried about surviving a war with Russia and China!

    1. *This IS satire ONLY*-
      The ‘Learned Members of ‘Gogglebox’ Class ORstralians ‘Comment’ on ENDEMIC WAR ‘involvements’;
      “Does the ‘War’ (Another One), Come with Advertising, product endorsements & ‘Betting Apps’? Otherwise ‘They’re/ I’m/ He/She/It/LMFBJQETXYZ’ NOT going to be ‘Entertained’ by it! BUT, BUGGAR ME! Those bloody Russians are according to ‘trusted’ Cods Of.CONduct ‘In Hand’ Media reports, AND Ted Me Mate down the road, & Officially OUR go to ‘Monday’s Expert’ [M.E], & some Resident/President in U Crainial Euro Guy called ‘Voldimort ZealotSky’ – SEE we’re Not Bloody ignorant. YEAH! The Russkies ARE still drowning kittens! & F*CK ME THE RUSSKIES ‘HACKED’ a GLOBAL NOTHING MEDICAL FUND in our Backyard, according to ANOTHER official Cyber Security Numpty! AND, THEY WANT AN EARTH SHATTERING AU$15 Mill- Coz they’ve got Nothing else to DO, from the ‘Other side of the Planet’!! Hope they Don’t Hack me Local McDonalds ‘Drive Thru!’ HUP!! The Chinese ARE Acceptable though, give or take some ‘Falling on a Gong’ State rebels, ‘they’ve got too much China in them anyway’. Ah, that’s Too many Chinese in Asian. Asia, that’s in Asia. We give everything to ASEAN, um Asian, below cost. But anyway, can’t remember my SCHpeel – THANK GOD FOR ME JAB! Um, oh yeah! Without China, we’d have a job. Nah- without China, ‘OUR’ Corporate commerce – aka; K-fart, Buntings, & um Buntings, and um Shoe places, & um Supra Nothin auto parts, & etc., wouldn’t have ANY Stock on the shelves!
      & the UAE are KOOL – As long as Emirates Sponsor our Cricket/ Footy/ Soccer & anything else, they can Genocide as many Yemeni as Necessary! YEP! That’s Me Honest Googlebox Opinion – Seen it all direct on SBS, ‘cos their Worldly & ethnic – & After speaking to U.N. ‘Ted Talk’ of Course! Can’t remember More than that at the Moment. HUP! Just remembered! There’s THE FRIDGE!
      Hey Darl, have you checked under the Bed, to see that there’s No Previous Commies, Viet Boat people, Lebo’s, Nth koreans, Iraqi’s, Iranians, Syrians & that Bloody Vacuum cleaner Sales Git?
      What ta Ya mean ya Can’t remember? We might need that space as protection against a Russkie I SEE Be eM!
      Ted says, That The Russkies have got a Miss ‘L’, just for US!”

      Wellness to the MIS/DISenfranchised Folk of the Earth – Russian/ Chinese populations inclusive.
      And The ‘Z’- lot’ disSkies/ -disguise, is ‘Hiding’? – in PLAIN SIGHT – STILL! – Queen Mab to you.
      *VesTED Interest Disclaimer; The Gogglebox crew Intelligence advancement program, in ‘Fool Swing’, ‘Sponsored by Gov.Edu/ MSM & ‘TED- M.E”, After AU$ Billions Mis/Dis program ‘Investment’ have now reached Quango ‘NAH’ level ; = Not At Home – Still.
      – George Carlin & Robin Williams, could have done SO much with this.
      A Shout out to our Eastern Seaboard Citizens. Wellness & Relief to You – Keep the ADF ‘Cafe Crew’ out of ‘Proceedings’ for an ‘Effective Recovery!’
      SNOW – just like ‘FLU’ – IN SUMMER! – IS AN AMAZING COINCIDENCE! ‘Natural’ I’m Sure! Don’t ask the Gogglebox Folk – I think they finally Assimilate with the ‘Vacuous Rep’!- National ‘Success Story’ of Sorts, according to National/State Edu ‘outlooks’! LOL.

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