October 1, 2023

8 thoughts on “COVID fearmongering rears its ugly head

  1. These evil power money hungry people will never stop trying to implement their plan. Go about your life as normal and ignore them, don’t feed the power dragons. And please if you are in Victoria do not vote for Dictator Dan, make sure he is at the bottom of your ballot papers, otherwise after the election he will implement his next plan.

  2. Not unexpected…. but having spoken with family in Brisbane, they have traveled on “public transport incl on the river, NO one was wearing the face muzzle nor distancing….. But even worse that it is not on the front page of their HEALTH experts to tell the people of Queensland and Australia that this Premier and her ex health expert now Governor both declared they are NOT jabbed>>>>> i do ask myself when will sanity return, when will people like children start asking WHY nd not stop asking questions of their reps…. ….. and question our not at all peoples representatives, but BiG Pharma and even bigger MONEY representatives…. and really cannot understand how this and other state premiers got voted back into power!!!!

  3. They just want to keep up the fear in case you think you are getting any freedom. Masks are a start. I hate the things. So many in SA still wear them to shop. It’s best just to ignore these crazy so called health experts.

  4. ‘Thinking Folks’, have already learned to ‘Queen Mab’ these Snake Oil sales ‘Things’- Read NON Humans, & their ‘Standard’ Discriminatory Strategic Play Book!
    AND, ATAGI; ” ‘Reveals’ We didn’t ‘Know’ about Heart risks (Amongst OTHER Bull Shit), until 5 Months (Not 4 or 6 Months – 5 Being the Number- How very ‘Precise’ of THEM), after ‘Approving’ them.” Wouldn’t be ‘Advice’ to ATAGI from the ‘Medical (apparently)Professionals’ @ THE Doherty Institute, Your FULLY pHARMa Sponsored Mercenaries ‘R’ Us?
    ATAGI, ANOTHER Group of People(?),who have ‘Difficulties’ Reading a BASELINE Material Safety Data Sheet, DIRECTLY from the pHARMa Companies on THE CON JAB-19 ‘Products’- AVAILABLE IN the EARLY STAGES! SO, ‘WHICH’ 5 Months are THEY talking about? AUSTRALIAN RESOURCE & COMMERCE SECTOR H.S.E.Q.s INCLUSIVE!! And across the Board on Personal Protective Equipment ‘Shortfalls & ‘Fit for Purpose’ Parameters – DITTO!
    GOOD NEWS from the Western Seaboard of OZstrangular; OberGruppen Fuhrer McGoowan – THE LABOR PARTY, In League with All Other Major- LIBERAL/ GREEN something parties, enacts CCP repression Ops (Temporary Law = LOL- Temporary, & 27 Page ‘Emergency Management Amendment Doc Bill 2022’) On the Back of the FAILING ‘CON JAB-19’ Narrative, COVID ‘GOONS’ CAN Boot in your Front Door (Citizens at Home OR NOT) Your Vehicle OR ‘Thing’, Forcibly Detain you/ Your Partner/Your Kids & Kin, Forcibly Control YOUR House-Vehicle-or ‘THING’, FORCIBLY Remove same Citizens to a ‘Quarantine Centre’, Forcibly DO Medical Procedures on Same Citizens, TO , The ‘Satisfaction’ of the ‘Controlling COVID-19 OFFICER’! – INDEFINITE Term of ‘Operations/ Detainment’!
    THE COVID Officer, or accompanying Gestapo Officers, DO NOT require a Citizens Permission for ‘Entry’, to Said House/ Vehicle/THING, DO NOT have to ‘Identify’ Themselves (Except within 7 Days’ of ‘Incident’ – By that time Your ‘Arrested & INcarcerated’- OR ‘INFECTED’, OR DEAD!
    COVID Goon Squad, DOES NOT need a Warrant! AND, ALL, OF THIS, CAN JUST BE ON ‘SUSPICION OF INFECTION’ – OR NOT! Lucky it’s ‘Temporary’, just like Income taxes, All levies for ‘Dedicated Debt’ & passports!
    – A Trumpet blares- BUTTA BAR, BUTTA BAR! BUTTA BAR, BUTTA BAR!- Simulated Bugle, batteries from PRC -PleaseReadCarefully NOT Included.
    FAZANG!! ” ‘TIS I, Captain ANZAC! WE’LL SAVE YOU AND REMEMBER YOUR FREEDOMS, THAT WE STRIVED & DIED FOR, AND, LEFT IN YOUR SAFE KEEPING! MAYBE SOMETIME IN EARLY NOVEMBER WOULD BE GOOD! I Say, Local Problems with PROPER Remembrances – Oh look! Thank GOD I say, Thank GOD, that the RSL HELPED cancel MY/ YOUR day of LIFE/SACRIFICES Celebrations, when their ‘Back Bone’ was Called into Question, by our ‘Previous Employers’ – Govt! THANK GOD, they ‘LAMBASTED’ their Former fellow INDIVIDUAL Diggers because of Lacklustre Uptake of ‘QUANGO’ JAB 19! BASTARDS! AND LOOK, They even ‘Helped’ clean up the Rubber bullet & empty Mace cartridges, after the ‘BATTLE AT REMEMBRANCE RIDGE’, against those Enemies of THE State – Normal UNarmed Citizenry,per Australian Men, Women & Children! Fortifying their positions with Brollies, Prams, banners, picnic hampers, water bottles, collective Mirth, Gumption (Remember this word in our PAST Societies Kids?) & Battle Hardened Mobile phones – BASTARDS!!! I HOPE, Proper Combat ribbons & Medals were Lavished onto the Stalwart Chests, of our FINE ENFORCEMENT Brigades, who Laid down their Very own Fully Body Armoured Torsos, backed by Equine Mounted Units, And Armoured Personnel Units, to Quell these Insidious Civilian Thugs! – ER HANG ON! I, Captain ANZAC & ME MATES DIDN’T PERISH FOR ‘THIS’ AUSTRALIA!! I do Commend The Govt though, for Cleaning up the ‘Horse Shit’, left BEHIND! – The Horses ‘Behind’! NOW! ABOUT THIS OTHER CON JAB 19 HORSE SHIT! WHERE’S THE LIGHT BRIGADE WHEN YA NEED ‘EM?
    Moving on with THE ‘Book’ comment.
    AMAZING, And DO people actually Think that; A ‘Law’ was knocked up in ‘Just a Few weeks’, As in – Formulated (By Who), Drafted, Edited, put thru Crown Law, Run passed the WEF/U.N/IMF-Cabal/the 300/China/Israel/U.S./Corporates/ G. Soros/ Kissinger/Rothschilds/Rockerfellers/BAMGF/Global Resources Council & a Biologic – Just, then MASS DEBATED & Passed on ‘CONsenSUSS’! = “OH, should Take a Week! & WE’LL only use IT in an ‘Emergency’! TRUST US! WE were THE ONES, who said ‘2 weeks’ to Flatten the Curve, 2-3 Years to FLATTEN THE HERD. AND, In Vogue Current Popular False repenting ‘We didn’t Know, it WOULDN’T be ‘SAFE & EFFECTIVE’! BUT, YOUR STILL HAVING IT ANYWAY! – So WE’RE back to ‘CON’-SCIENCE! = ABSOLUTELY!
    Furthermore, Don’t YOU ALL KNOW, It’s the Govt/pHARMa/ WEF/ U.N. cabal, that are ‘THE REAL VICTIMS HERE!’ = The Same Old Same Old ‘Playbook’!
    Ad; Join A Major Australian Political party Today and make a Difference. Come & see our Parliamentary operations, reenacting ‘Tom Brown’s School Days’! ALL gender & Sexual orientation Versions accepted. Get to vote independently of THE party on ‘Fluff’ issues, but HAVE to vote along Party lines on the REAL issues, or to the whim of our Political power brokers and ALL ‘Outside Influences and Affiliations’! It’s Democracy as The Corporates play It. THEY PAY, THEY SAY!
    Benefits Including Generous Renumerations & this PLANdemic only;
    New LABOR PARTY’S Marching Theme Music for COVID Officers – Horst Vessel Lied, Or ‘ON A LIED’, – Political choice – SAME Difference. Lederhosen will be provided – Without Identifying ‘Insignias’ for those Embarrassing moments ‘Caught By’, NON embedded Journalists.

    The STUPIDITY of THE Well Resourced (THEY are NOT ‘Elite’), their Global Govt P.E.T.S.(Pretty easily Trained Stupidos), And the prostituted Corporate Media Hyenas, is that ‘They’ Collectively have Globally inflicted, Via a ‘Theoretical Virus’ CON JAB-19, the UNcontrolled (OR U.N. Controlled) Destruction of the ONE social Class, The Middle Class, That Glues Society TOGETHER! This ‘Class’ provides The Dreamers- Creatives, Solutions Folk, Engineers, Actual Broad Spectrum Resource providers in PROPER Health wellbeing & Sciences, General Ethics & balance, AND, provide the ACTUAL DOERS!!
    Sig Heil & A Merry Xmas. ALL Contributing ‘Members’ Don’t forget to leave Your Xmas stockings out for Santa Klaus Schwab, who I’m SURE will be paying you with WEF Silver – 30 Pieces seems about Right!
    Last Thoughts for Anti/ AntiVaxxers; THE Official Narrative @ a SIMPLE baseline, ‘Says’ that YOUR CoV # Something, ARE ‘Safe’, BUT; a) ‘THEY’ are ‘Listed’ as ‘Experimental’= ‘THEY’, THE ‘Group’ above (NOT PHARMa – THEY ACTUALLY ‘KNOW’) ARE, NOT SURE OF ANY ACTUAL OUTCOME- ‘Physical OR Chemical OR Neurological!’ – ‘Affective’ applies the SAME! b) AND,IF, ‘THEY’ are SO ‘SAFE’, then WHY, have the pHARMa/ Chem Industry, ‘REQUIRED’ TOTAL Indemnifications from ‘ADVERSE REACTIONS’? – Aren’t ‘THEY’, ‘SAFE’?? And SURELY, LOGICALLY, THE Group – Govt Inclusive, WOULD/SHOULD be ‘Suspicious’, IF having to provide Such ‘Indemnities’, on ANY ‘Product’, Private OR Public! Both ways, the GROUP, can only have been ‘BROAD SPECTRUM’ Bought OR ‘Leveraged!! – So much for ‘Transparency’! = Definitely MIA.
    With the ‘Waning’ of CON JAB -19 & the falling apart of the Official Narrative, even with the ramped up Cross Media Jackals Spin losing Momentum, & most People knowing Someone with Adverse reactions, & Health Records ‘CONveniently Deleted’ or STOPPED reporting of ‘Official Stats’, WHY would THE Australian Govts Enact NEW Laws per CON JAB, IF ‘THEY’ Didn’t intend to USE THEM??
    For; Pre mentioned Govt/ Corporate Cabal; MEMO; Please get in Early & avoid the ‘Rush’, send your Conscience (OR CON SCIENCE-your choice), off to the ‘Dry Cleaners’ before Xmas & Public ‘Display’! Please make sure also, that ‘Dry Cleaners’ haven’t been ‘Hacked’ by Putin’s Far reaching Digital squad! Apparently, ‘THEY’, need too, or have Nothing else to do on the World Stage, than ‘Infiltrate’, a Poxy local Health Fund!
    So this Xmas – QUANGO 19 Mythical Beastie Making ‘A WELL PLANned strategic Appearence’ dependent, Members of THE ‘Group’, can be ‘Putin’ on the Ritz’, instead of those other Mythical Russians!
    As for the rest of us ‘Lepers’, I’ve got my Yellow Star stitched onto my Jeans & T Shirt, just to show that I, AM AN INDIVIDUAL – & DAMN PROUD OF IT, & that ‘Popular Edited History’, Has ALWAYS LIED! – Horst aside.
    Wellness – LOL!

  5. Does anyone still believe this medical fascist garbage? Alas, apparently yes. Bien pensants abound in this country.

    This bloke has a profound knowledge of the way the global-parasites think, not to mention their strategies in “managing” the despised human cattle. I think he was earlier an insider:


    And talking of people who know what the “g-ps” are up to, today’s subject makes it appropriate to wheel out the renowned MrE again:


    1. Graham, ‘They’ve spotted your link @ BitShit’, with Ninja brigade 404 Standing guard over ‘Missing in action’ page! B-A-U.
      As for “g-ps” are ‘up to’, is this the ‘general practitioners’ (medic LOOSE term), or reference to ‘guinea -pigs’, who Obviously have NO Idea ‘what they’re up to/for’, but ‘Volunteer’ anyway?
      M. Rectenwald – interesting individual.
      ‘Til later, I think I hear THE Official Mis/DisinfoWarRoom @NOTMYgov.CON.sheep-dip.aEwe in action, reinforcing CoVspiracy Theory, as ‘Real News’, & organising Booster#66 to ‘Enhance’ local elderly citizens via pHARMa sponsored ‘relaxation techniques & AIDS’, aptly called; Detrimental Existence Anatomically Terminal Health.
      Wellness as usual.

      1. So busy it’s taken me till now to read these comments. That’d be right, JD. Anyway, MrE regards two of “our” chief public health officers, Kerry Chant and Nicola Spurrier, to be trannies.
        “g-ps” in this context: “global parasites”

  6. What’s there to reply about, you’ve said it all, the world is laughing at you, the damn government that is, what’s worse is that you damned dumb quiet aussie achievers are allowing it to happen

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