October 2, 2023

6 thoughts on “NSW regions hit by “largest flood emergency in state’s history”

  1. Wellness to the ‘Affected’, The Instigators – When ‘Found’ , AGENDA 21 P.E.T.S – YOU can just Perish!

  2. Cloud seeding and chem-bombs are only a part of geo-engineering with EMF from radar installations essential to the program. Anyone thinking the constant adverse weather “events” worldwide are in any way connected to Mother Nature are in total denial of the bleedin’ obvious.

  3. John Dawe says:
    March 9, 2022 at 10:53
    Williamtown RAAF/ Feb 2019. Chaff/ Radar Weather Anomolies Sydney. ABC ‘Reported’ same.
    Also,& part of JOHR ‘upgrades’- ‘Testing’?
    Global ‘Interests’ HAVE BEEN purposefully ‘Altering weather’ for Decades. Post Vietnam ‘Police Action’ by Allies of THE Willing Mk # ‘Something’, Weather Manipulation Consensus, brought about U.N. Treaty ENMOD (in ‘Force’ 1978).
    As part of ‘Scope of ENMOD’.
    Quote; Environmental modification Technique. ANY modification for changing – through the deliberate manipulation of Natural Processes – the Dynamics, Composition or Structure of the earth, including it’s biota, lithosphere, hydrosphere & atmosphere, or of outer space (article 2).
    Article1 sets fore ward the basic commitment; “Each State Party to this Convention undertakes Not to engage in Military or ANY other hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, long- lasting or severe effects as a means of destruction, damage or injury to any other State Party.” An understanding defines the terms ‘widespread, long-lasting or severe.”(known as the ‘Troika’)
    “widespread” is defined “encompassing an area on the scale of Several hundred kilometers.” ; “long-lasting” is defined as “long- lasting for a period of months, or approximately a season.”
    “severe’ is defined as “involving serious or significant disruption or harm to human life, natural and economic resources or other assets.”
    Further expansions can be found on this convention , perhaps via ‘Alternate’ S Media platforms.
    1st State to ‘Deposit’ Treaty – Nth Yemen 1977 – Ironic, Considering the ‘Genocide’ there currently by Saudi/ U.S- U.K. backed ‘Assets’ – NO, U.N. ‘Special Crisis Meetings as for Ukraine then?’
    Back; Signees; Australia 7/Sept/1984. N.Z.; Same Date. United States of A; 17/Jan/1980. U.K.; 16/May/1978. ‘Interesting’ to see the ‘Signing dates’ & Lag times for ‘Ratification dates’.
    Also Maybe check ‘Agriculture Defence Coalition’.
    WHO Guards the Guards? Obviously AGAIN, – ZERO! No doubt (Not the Music Group), ‘They’ have had their Lawyers ‘Manipulating’ the Text’, & the ‘Science’, as time has moved On.

    Apologies to THE Govt, it’s Bureaus, DOGS of watch, & Technocrats! I, SHOULD, have Directed this question TO THE Entities, Who ACTUALLY ‘Control’ the Australian Continent! I’ll have to Insult, Sorry! – where ARE My Manners? – That’d BE, CONsult, the Long list of FOREIGN ‘Investors’! It’s O.K. Anthony Forever Bend Da Kneesee!, DON’T get up Mate! You’ve MISSED a few feet there! WE’ll sort this!
    Australia Signed in 1984. Buggar! That’s Ominus!

  4. According to your ‘Trusted’ Australian Associated Press’s ‘Fuckt,Chequers’, this ‘Flooding’ is probably like ‘Died Suddenly’, – Mis/Disinformation, & probably just someone ‘Photo Shopping’ their POOL Overflowing!! LOL
    Nothing to see Here!

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