September 27, 2023

4 thoughts on “PETA slammed after calling for ‘sex strike’ against meat-eating men

  1. I am sure there will be plenty f girls who love to have sex with real men. They do not want a soy boy with no stamina.All the better for girls who do not want to use sex as a control mechanism.

  2. Each passing day brings more silly woke nonsense. PETA wouldn’t be funded by Gates & Soros, by any chance?

  3. LOL. After reading about PETA’s ‘German Division’ Statement per Sausage & Schnitzel ingestion. In their Own country, & in previous Histories from the Exploits of the ‘MEAT EATING’ Hun Rebelling against the Romans, all the way thru to the Stoic Nature of the Same ‘MEAT EATING MEN’ in 2 World Wars in Atrocious Conditions – Any Other Involvements such as Politics Not Inclusive(Actually, Men & Women of Most Nations involved). Physically & Mentally FIT! – AND generally ‘Thinnish’ – NORMAL Physiques!

    WWZ – Future; Klaus & Johan, sit in a ditch near the STILL ongoing Ukrainian ‘Police Action’;
    Klaus; “Yah! Veal be Home by Christmas! Our New President says that it is our Duty to have a Steak in Zis countries Future! Just like the previous times. It feels just the same as any other Meat Grinder. I think our Politicians Do not run Zis action, & something Offal is coming our way! What’s for Dinner Johan? Please tell me it’s got some Tasty proteins involved!”
    Johan; “MMMMmm, Yes! Our K ration cuisine includes; WEF Soy Burgers – NO Meat. WEF Imitation Schnitzel- NO Meat. SCN Imitation Sausage – NO Meat. SCN Imitation Bratwurst in Beer with Onions- Mmm. Except NO Meat OR Beer & the Onions are Stuck in the ‘Supply PLANdemic’, But includes Soy & Onions & canNOLA (No she can’t after that lot.). WE have BAMGF Bacon & Egg Pie, Without the Bacon & Egg, but contains Extra Virgin & Reliably/ Responsibly Sauced – Sorry Sourced – Cardboard & Colouring. OH, & look a sachet of Scratch & sniff Imitation Pork Crackle – Made from Lentils, Nuts & Canola. OR there’s Cereal & Imitation Milk with Melamine! MMM green Cuisine”
    Klaus; “AH! Ze agony of Decision! WHO came up with this Crap? Zo, is that Fried – Grilled or Sauteed? & they wont like to ‘sMell a mine’ after ingesting Any of that!”
    Johan; “Actually, it’s as it comes! The ‘Gas’ has been turned off ages ago, UNless you put it on top of ze trucks Engine Block to warm it up!”
    Klaus; “I don’t Zink this will work, after ‘They’, supplied us with Electric Vehicles, which are now Kaput – Ran out of Charge, unless you can plug it into a Tree! Or that Cow over there in the Field’s Arse!”
    (Both look at each other) – Later;
    Klaus; “You know Johan, I never knew that these K Ration packs, burnt so well as fuel for a REAL BBQ! And I think my Fore Fathers Strength appears to be Reappearing! Roll on Christmas!”
    Wellness. PETA – Your SOo funny! A lack of Meat obviously affecting the Brain box!

  4. The science is in; veganism causes retardation and brain farts that effects the environment and human sanity. Do the planet a favour and slap a vegan today!

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