October 1, 2023

3 thoughts on “Five Eyes alliance wants a ‘touchless border’ for citizens

  1. ‘5 Eyes’ become ONE! The Ruse of Democracy, & the Myth THAT IS ‘Privacy’, being ‘Pushed’ as Major Priorities & THE RIGHT of ALL Citizens, emerges from the SHADOWS, to be Exposed as What IT ALWAYS WAS! – THE SLAVERY OF EVERYTHING! To the SHEEPLE, Sauron thanks you for YOUR Compliance.
    Historically, [as long as Sauron & the DUMB entities therein, HAVEN’T burnt All of the ‘Books’ & ‘E’ Copies in their ‘Version’ of 1933 Germany – Same People], The Worst Tyrannies [& currently Trannies ‘Program’ Inclusive], in said History, have been Deployed under Total Compliance by the Home populations! And so it IS, STILL!
    World War Z – Enemy of the State= THE Population!
    Special attention = STILL ‘Thinking Individuals’!
    This ‘process’, must be a reflection of THE Military Think – Read NOT Military ‘Intelligence’ – A Myth & Oxymoronic; First take an individual. Bash/ Shame/Bully/ Withdrawal of Independent Thought & Support. THEN, Rebuild said NON individual as part of ONE thinking Unit, under a single Command person. So that when ‘That’ command principle’ is ‘Wiped Out’, the same ‘System’, expects the NOW – NON individual to ‘Step up to the Plate’, & operate as an Individual! Currently the same Relationships per ‘Common Sense’ = According to our ‘Esteemed’ Leaders & Industry @ Large= “Doesn’t Exist’ in ANY System, & is NOT a Tangible Value. UNLESS you ask a practical question of said Drone Hierarchy, then it’s ; “Just use your Common Sense!” Business as Usual, OR, Bull Shit as Usual.
    THE ‘5 Eyes’, HAVE SO MUCH TO LOSE! AND, there is ALWAYS an Achillies Heel!! ALWAYS! – In plain Sight.

  2. ‘Hacking’ – Apparently ‘Legal’ for THE System & COMIC, But ‘Criminal’ for private Citizens. THAT, SHOULD, ‘Explain’ THE System.
    Last; Anyone can ‘Tell’ when IT IS, THE System, ‘Hacking civil infrastructure & Data’, WHEN, the ‘Target Hack’ IS NOT ‘Attacks’ on ‘REAL C.O.M.I.C. Targets’, but Systems which then ‘Require’ Further ‘Personal security Information’ from Said citizens, such as MORE Personal Bio Metrics. ‘TRUST US! YOUR SECURITY IS OUR MAJOR CONCERN! WE will need EXTRA Iris, Finger print scanning Or Personal Body Marks, to ‘Enhance YOUR Security’!
    Q; With ALL of the Loot & ‘Resources’ parked into MASSIVE Data ‘Processing’ of EVERYTHING, & the ‘Cyber Criminals’, Sorry, National security, ‘On the Case – ALWAYS’, WHERE/ WHO, ARE these ‘Hackers’?
    A; Apparently Official via E Entity H.A.L.; “We can’t seem to find Them! We thought they were operating INSIDE NEO Hollandia via an Underground/ Above ground OCTOPUS Cabal. However, this was discounted when Reps @ CyberADF/IDIOT Pan Pacifier/U8200 told us to Deep 6 Point our Inquiries, & try someone down the hallway per Swindle@COVID TASKFORCE, who ‘Bounced’ us to the AOF@JOHR@G.Forman Terra Grillers, who referred us to some ASDs selling ‘REDSPICE’ to go with our new mRNA Bio Meat & Griller, Who told us – “THOSE BLOODY IVANS! ‘ Their the Ones! They can’t wait to Hack everything! Joes Pizza. Lizzies fashions. Jacks Craft beer, HAARPo’s Mobile poodle wash, & Doplar Radars ‘R’ Us ! It’s THEM! They also caused Inflation, CoVid Mismanagement of the Nation, CoVid Citizens bashings, fuel price & Supply Increases- or lack of. The ‘Mysterious’ lack of workers & Tradies. Food prices & Shortages. Fires, Floods. Airline & transport disruptions. THEY caused Inflation, Deflation, Hyper inflation, Dumb Arse Politicians & Technocrats Double Speak. EXCESSIVE Money printing & Dumping. Also Electric CONveyances to burst into flames! & the Final straw – the Feline, Cet 185, with Branches everywhere, stuck in a tree!
    ALL DONE BY RUSSIAN HACKERS! BASTARDS! Er, was there any other questions, or was it just a chat? I’ve been H.A.L. your A.I. NOT inter My Face!”

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