October 1, 2023

3 thoughts on “Pfizer will acquire Brisbane telehealth company for $179 million

  1. YAY! FINALLY! SOMEONE HAS ‘INDEPENDENTLY- SCIENTIFICALLY – ISOLATED – STERILIZED- POSITIVELY I.D’d’ CON JAB -19 (Tagged) – AS NEW DISEASE- DIFFERENT to our STD CoronaVirus Common Yearly Cold & Flu! HALLE MoFo LUYAH!! Please Inform The TGA/ AMA/ CON JAB task Force/ The Peter Dodgy Institute/ APE’RA & a QUACK Near You! Maybe get your Local State Caesars to set their DOGS onto the Local Chief Moronic Officers as well!
    And Last, THANK YOU PFizzer for Showing Knuckle Draggers with a S.M.A.R.T phone, what ‘Reality’ is ALL about- Another Ape – Er Sorry – That IS in fact, ANOTHER ‘App’! – Pfizzer, your Corporate Globule Genocide Team, is SURE this App will ‘Make ALL the difference for ‘Future Health’! >
    Support @ Pfizzer; ” Welcome to New age Pfizzer Support, YOU have contacted us Dave. I am Jerry, Your Interactive A.I.D.S – Artificial Intelligence Diagnosis System. The Other AIDS was given FREE to you via our Last product Launch –
    OSSIE- Organic Storm Systems Injected Epidermis.
    What are you doing Dave? Directions for your NEO Safe & Effective App, Dave; Clean your phone with a Sterile Wipe, or Glen 20 (APParently this Product is 99.99% Effective against Bacteria, Virus AND Con Jab 19 – So ‘THEY’ have discovered ‘IT’S’ Complete Sequential DNA Genome AS WELL – AMAzing – With a raft of ‘Safe & Effective’ PROVEN Cleaning agents – No need for Further Jabs! BAMGF & the WHO> Your OUT OF A RACKET! – LOL!),
    Next Dave, Practice Social Distancing of 1.5 Metres from the Device – With a Mask on. The Device IS ON, isn’t it Dave? Have you pressed #1? This will only take 60 Secs Dave, thankyou for choosing Pfizzer App for ALL your health needs Dave, passed/ Present/Future Fund. While you wait, is there any other products that we can Sell/Help/Organise for you Dave, Personal Private Health Insurance – Your Test outcome Dependent – along with ANY other ‘Ailments detected’ – This WILL help us Charge you Now for Years – Then Reneg on Any claims made by you in Future Health, for NOT reporting Ailments that YOU, Didn’t know that you Had – OR Had not! WE @ Pfizzer Health are Here to Help Dave. And your part time girlfriend Chloe.
    Pet Insurance Dave, can we help with your Dog named Zac which I have pulled from Your ‘CAGED’ Online History- ‘Composite Automated Global E Dossier’? Chloe’s there as well Dave.
    I am Jerry, Dave. Results are In. Dave, You have failed! Dave your Device was NOT Activated to our App, AND, Dave, You HAVEN’T Downloaded the App in the First Instance for Analysis. Dave? Dave?”
    Dave; ” Yo Pfizzer A.I Jerry., I cleaned the SMART phone, then stepped 1.5 Metres away, I’ve got my Mask On, but now I can’t reach Me phone. I’ve got speaker activated. What do I do Now?”
    Support@Pfizzer; ” Dave, Have you had ‘Interaction with Con Jab 19 OSSIE protocols?”
    Dave; ” Er YO!”
    Support@Pfizzer; “Jerry A.I. Dave. We believe that this response means Yes, or Affirmative. A.I. even with our limited Intelligence, recommends going to your Bathroom, Dave.”
    Support@Pfizzer; “Please shave your Knuckles Dave, & try another format for Contact. Thankyou for Compliance Dave. Nice All room Home security Dave. Pfizzer wishes you wellness Dave & we feel that together, WE can Help you thru Future Life experiences in a Positive Way. Please Upload Our Combo Test/ Tracking App. Our App is for your Well Being, & Community Safety Dave. ALWAYS, Safe & Effective. Please report Other Citizens who are a Threat to YOU, and OUR, Communities Health & Co operative Well being, whether it is an observed or Verbal Mis/ Disinformation Session. Our Operators can Direct Medical or Enforcement ‘Help’ to your location 24/7, if Future Health ‘Flags’ a Positive test Result for You – Your Partner- Your Family, Your Friends & Social venues. With Your SMART phone Dave, & Pfizzer Installed App, you can feel Safe & Secure, Even Zac & Chloe. & It’s ALWAYS ON & TESTING for Piece of Mind. OR, The above can be turned into Rewards to Gain Extra Social Cred. All in this Together/ apart Dave.”

    1. Tradie; “Yeh G’Day Mate. Toni the Carpenter here at your front Door. Can you please open up the roller door, so we can access your Alfresco area? Cheers Mate.”
      clinka, clinka, whoosh.
      Ralf. Home owner; “There you go Toni! So, if you can just rebuild that broken Fibro bulkhead, shove the insulation back in & paint it, that’d be grouse! I’m just inside doing a test! I’ll leave the Door open, if you need to come inside! Cheers!”
      manwhile > Outside / Inside; Tradies laying down ‘Cover sheets’ (A Myth I’m Sure’). Arc up the Radio for ‘Mood music’ – AND GO! >Hack/ Grind/ Remove/ Shove/ (Light a quick Ciggie)/ Grind/Cut/ Glue – Screw. Dust!
      Toni; “ACHOO! Cough, Cough, ACHOO! Buggar Me! Should ‘ave chucked on the Mask for that bit! Next Time! Fred, can you pass up that Fibro Sheet? – & what’s that racket on your Ghetto Blaster mate?”
      Rod – Assoc Tradie; ” Dunno Man, I’ll turn it up!”
      Radio; ” Cough – Cough – Cough, Cough – cough – Cough. Do you, a Mate, or a family Member, suffer from Emphysema or chronic Bronchitis, maybe it’s time to quit smoking, change your Work environment, or perhaps had a RARE ‘outcome’ from a recent Medical procedure? Please INsult your Local Quack, sorry, Medical PHARMa Co-Conspirator for another pHARMa ‘Solution’! Call 1300 for a Tele Interview without actual Carbon based Doctor Interactivity. The AMA will STILL charge You, but the Health funds can negate your Refund, because You didn’t have an ‘Actual’ Interaction. ‘Virtual’ – It’s the ‘Way Forward’, Together/ Apart! Your NEW Health deal brought to you by QldIllness/Uni. Dept.Org.Genocide.au.Pay thruorifice for zeroService.com
      Health Quest sponsored by Pfizzer App. New to Market. After that promo, It’s back to the Same Ad to Reinforce the Psych Factor; Health Quest sponsored by Pfizzer App, Sponsored by Pfizzer App. Now 5 Minutes of Music, AD Free, with that Classic, ‘Riding the Gravy train’.”

      Toni-Tradie; “What was that crap about Rod? let’s get this painted mate!”

      Meanwhile just inside the doorway, Householder has just completed the New App test- Addressing his Phone;
      “Bloody Bullshit! What da Ya Mean I’m CoVID Positive & suffering from Emphy– Bloody What?”
      Front Yard of House, a Fully Blacked out Flying CON JAB 19 SWAT Team BearCat Personnel Carrier Crashes their way thru a Neat row of Garden Gnomes, the fish Pond, a fresh Patch of Commemorative 911 Jet proof Turf (Pentagon variety – Naval Intelligence frontage)& the Front Wall of House, disgorging a Black Cloned Goon Squad; In Unison, ARs @ Action mode;
      “Hup, Hup, Hup, Hup! GET DOWN! DOWN ON THE GROUND! SHOW ME YA HANDS! SHOW ME YA HANDS!” Add. ZIP, ZIP,ZIP tie Protocols.
      Cat Commander; “MEOW!! So YOU are the ‘Filth’ that tested Positive via SMART phone APP Cough recognition, when you Coughed it all up! & I can tell that it wasn’t a Furr Ball, our Cough Acoustics ARE FAILSAFE! Get ‘Em out of Here! Another Success Story!”
      SWAT Squad in Unison; 300 Spartans simulation; ” AOOH!”
      Cat Commander; “Get your hand off my Groin Sgt! This Ain’t a NRL prostate Check! Heads up Crew! Another App Cough warning in Bris of Bane CBD! WE’RE NEEDED! Let’s Roll! AOOH!”
      Aftermath; Two slightly damaged gnomes converse in the debris of front garden;
      “Humans George! So much for their Tech. No wonder SWAT I heard stands for ‘Still Wankers After Training’. & the front of the House looks like a Cracker Box Castle!”

      1. Speaking OF; Along with ALL of the other Previous High profile Global ‘News’ (LOL – loose Term), Syria/ Lebanon/ Iraq Fail/ Afghanistan Fail/ Syria Fail/ Yemen maybe/ Mainland China – Hong Kong – ALL currently MIA against Climate change & STD Media B.S, has anyone seen the ‘Progress’ made on Australian National ‘Detention Camps’ previously mentioned with such Media fanfare, or did they ‘Pack them all away’? [LOL] Maybe they are being saved for Swindle Ukraine, Social refugee intakes?

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