September 23, 2023

8 thoughts on “The Pfizer Papers: Leaked Israeli Health Meeting Bombshell

  1. THIS, would be COMIC, if it wasn’t ALREADY KNOWN!
    Jewish HOLLOW’cost’ Mark 2. OH! & it ‘Involves’ the SAME PROtagonist HOLLOWcost Mark 1 INTERACTIVE Zionist/ Nazi ‘Trading Groups’ of interactivity – Circa 1930’s!
    Isn’t that NOT surprizing!
    1933. D. Ben -Gurion- ” Zionism…Is not engaged in saving individuals…. in a conflict of interests between saving individuals Jews and the good of the Zionist enterprise,… The Zionist Enterprise comes FIRST!”
    After ‘Input’ by Zionist German Industrialists, leading to the Collapse of the German Euro campaign of WW1, the 2nd Round involving the same groups (except the Nazis representing the NEO Germany, & to TOO much positive effect), BOTH major Groups signed the HAAVARA accord Aug 1933 (NOT the Harari accord), WHAT went ‘Apparently’ WRONG? – Or is that ‘RIGHT’?
    Modern Day. The Jewish peasants. ALWAYS just a ‘Means to an End!’
    The ‘Global Poker Game’; MEN only -Apparently;- Late 30’s
    Satanic Croupier; “Gentlemen, place your Invested bets, open House limits!! ( Cards Dealt out).
    And Any cards gentlemen?”
    American representative; “3 cards”
    Nazi Rep; ” Same as the Americana.”
    Zionist Rep; “Same as the Nazis.”
    English Rep;” 3 all round Old Chap!”
    Russian Rep; ” Dah! 3! & a Vodka! let’s Party!”
    Palestinian & other Minor Players Rep; “What about us?”
    Satanic Croupier; “You are NOT invited to the Game, beggar! Now or Ever! As for the rest of you, please, place your bets Gentlemen!”
    American: ” I’ll bet 2 Million Troops & a Shit Load of Captured Gold & Treasure from EVERY Nation we Liberate & Loot, and as Many women we can abuse on the way thru!”!”
    Nazi; “We’ll bet our Nation, to break free of the Centrally controlled Banking Cabal!”
    Zionist Rep; “Oh! I’d say 4 – 500,000 actual. But Heck, 6 Million sounds good!”
    English Rep; “Why do we care? We’ll ONLY be making the peasants pay anyway!”
    Sat A croupier; “Gentlemen, please be serious, & only FOOL Numbers please!”
    Russian Rep; “25 – 30 Million. I can DO that! Is this to be paid in Roubles, & where is my Vodka?”
    Croupier; (Looking sideways of table) “And, NO Persian, Nor you incidentals! You STILL do not get a representative Seat!” (Back @ the ‘Game’),
    “Thankyou Gentlemen, betting is finished, for THIS round. Please show your cards.” ( All flip) “Yes the Americans have 3 sixes. & Yes the Nazis have 3 Nein’s, & Yes The U.K. shared 3 Kings. The Russians have NO Royal cards left and have Lowly Peasant cards to play. But the winner Zionist appears to have pulled a HOLLOWcost card out & WON, with the ACE OF SPADES! Please Pay your Bets gentlemen, with the ‘aGREED’ Required Exchange Rates! Sorry, Herr Von Krosigk, those previous Co-Operative Nazi/ Star of David Trade Coins, are NO longer acceptable Currency! Gold Bullion or Nation’s Blood Only. And if you can make the payment to the Winner’s Representative for an age, Mr Kissinger, that would be acceptable.
    Until the Next game, thankyou gentlemen. A pity about the 3 Sixes Mr America. I thought you would have Won the day, with that. A hand for the Future – perhaps!”

    1. ‘Israeli Leak’ – Per Israeli/ Pfizer REDactments on ‘SAME’ ;
      Here’s a REALISTIC response from Romanian Christian Terhes MEP on ‘PHARMa contracts’-
      ”Signing’ Without them knowing what’s in these Contracts’!”
      Romanian Member European Parlement Christian Terhes about contract Pfizer with the EU.- Youtube
      Nov.2021. Corporate/ Government ‘Version of Transparency’. = Business AS Usual, and STILL!.

    2. Nice one, John Dawe. Albert Burla/Bourla (Zionist head of Pfizer) does a lucrative deal with Zionist PMs Bibi & Naftali to swindle, maim and kill the hapless Jewish populace. Subjecting Israelis to a deadly experimental quax…irony doesn’t come much bigger and more bitter than that.
      Pick of the deck:
      Albert Bourla: Ace of diamonds: his safe deposit box is full of them
      Bibi Netanyahu: King of hearts; formerly loved, alas no longer
      Naftali Bennett: Jack of spades: will need one to dig his way out of this mess.

      1. So sad to see humanity under such severe attacks that word is under siege robot genocide in full swing now the CERN have upgraded and reopen the Devils would have even more controls of the World and humanity will suffer further more 😢😢😢

        1. Young L.L greetings. ‘Sad’ is of NO actual tangible value in High stakes games. It, is Emotion, which is ‘Used’ as a tool in leverage of Strategy in the ‘Swaying of Outlook’. This is not a criticism, just FYI. There have been many ‘Tests’ over Millenia, ALL requiring the usual sacrifices – Nothing has changed. Some have left a great Legacy – missing in the Annuls of History – Purposefully. Theatrics Now Rule Via that Bastion of Ethics – M.S & Social Media – LOL!!
          Proper unbiased, Broad spectrum Global Education & Citizenry PROPER Sustainable Health requirements, with Co operation of ALL instead of usual tyrannical playbooks, could have – over time, resulted in a far more Equitable Global outcome. Historically, this is NOT the way of Man – & maybe Females with TOO much testosterone. If anything comes from this Catastrophe, no matter WHO is Involved [ & Yes ‘They’ are], it is that, it may be the catalyst for a New form of Genesys – Sorry, that’s a U.S. Telco Lab – Customer Experience Tech Software seller [Ironic, comes to mind], No sorry, ‘Genesis’, of a New Improved well rounded Human, NOT requiring to engage with the Infested Apple barrels, currently being passed off as ‘THE required System’!
          Per ‘CERN’ or CONcern, take your choice, THEY are having a Devil of a Time! & so, if Anyone is unsure per CERN’s ‘Operations’, check their 2017 opening ritual ceremony, maybe the Deleted scenes – OH Dear. It’s Just Science, in the same way as ‘Olympic Games’ opening ceremonies, are JUST about ‘Sport’ – Apparently. Lucky CERN & the IOC are ‘Based’ in Switzerland – More than just ‘OBSCENE’LY Expensive Cuckoo!
          Wellness as always

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