December 7, 2023

10 thoughts on “Medical discrimination is alive and well in Queensland

  1. I am so disgusted with what you are doing to teachers. I can’t wait for the real truth to be brought in to the open about the lies on this covid so called Vax.You will be the ones that will be sorry for the action you are enforcing on these very careing people.
    WAKE UP.

  2. Back in Adelaide tonight after two weeks with family in Brisbane. There is so much I like about Queensland…that’s why we bought a house in Brisbane about seven years ago…and haven’t regretted it. But the State has such an awful government, and a pretty weak Opposition, and a sufficient proportion of the populace of a leftist bent to keep the horrid Socialists in power indefinitely. Qld could be so much better under a real, Australian-focussed, genuinely conservative government. But I expect to see my cows jumping over the moon before this happens. No better here in SA, of course, and as for Victoria…enough said.

  3. Our Constitution stated there was to be no forced vaccination. This government is a disgrace.Just in case these people have not noticed the Covid scam is uncovered.It is proven, it does not stop one acquiring Covid and it does not stop transmission.
    Just why do these people want to show their power ? It does show a lot about their character. None of it good.Actually , they are destroying their own credibility. It is obvious they have no empathy or compassion for their fellow humans. I think they will earn the contempt they deserve.

  4. Situations like this require a mass walkout. Until more people wake up and say no, this type of discrimination and unlawful dictatorship will continue and we are rapidly going down the path of total tyranny

  5. This response seems extremely irrational and driven by strong emotions. I imagine that many people are struggling with the fact that they were conned by their own government, and the presence of those that were not must hurt so much. We must be alert to envious attacks from these people, and also be empathetic toward them.

  6. Getting kicked when already down is the lowest act. More financial loss fear to crush the resistance morale and crank up the gears of social conditioning to accept new norms and kowtow without questioning.
    Stay strong and united teachers, you have our support.

  7. Prevailing sanity will win out in the end , as the covid narrative continues to collapse: The over whelming evidence, of this massive fraud , and the frightful mismanagement ; the disturbing toll on life and untold ;
    injury caused by the so called medical intervention of an experiment , gains momentum and the proof in
    science ; is evolving rapidly:
    This in Q/Land, smacks of pompous self righteous anger, “a good old dummy spit” ; where the power to
    people has broken down ; and all that the so called leadership can offer is “Spite” Epic Fail :!!
    Fortunately, the requirements of Law; rule out arbitrary discrimination, without qualified representations
    Government Departments , cannot, issue Judicial , or issue penalties , Case Law , makes this clear; the
    Minister cannot by any Ministerial discretion , act outside the protocols of Prevailing Legislation:
    The Teachers and Staff; who dared to think outside the Government directions , and exercise free will;
    and critical thinking, have already suffered sanctions and financial loss:
    With Government Departments, acting as arbiters , social and identity discrimination, and divisive conduct,
    should be seen as an abuse of Office , in this over-reach in this spiteful , an arbitrary attack of Bullying;
    perhaps, in hind -sight , this is a good thing , as we are made aware of disturbing entrails of incompetence,
    social ineptitude, which can’t be good for the enduring portent of Education in Q/Land:

  8. And this year we celebrate 75 years since the Nuremburg Code was written. The code (Which Australia recognises) specifically states that WE CANNOT be forced to take (or coerced) an experimental drug against our wishes. This code was drawn up as a result of Nazi German doctors experimenting on people. .NONE of the health workers I have spoken to are aware of the Code

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