December 6, 2023

12 thoughts on “Queensland’s public health emergency extended until September

  1. At this rate the state of emergency for covid-19 will still be in effect 20 years from now!

    1. They are waiting for monkey pox (soon to be renamed at already declared by WHO as the next pandemic).

      1. I can’t remember what country it was, but they’re are trying to bring back mask mandates for Monkeypox when the disease isn’t airborne and can only be contracted by close contact with the sores of an infected person. Monkeypox is also about as deadly as Chickenpox or the Measels, which has a high recovery rate and rare deaths.
        If people don’t realise the absurdity of this they’re too far gone and there’s hope of them ever waking up.

        1. Exactly! Wearing face nappies is about smothering our voices, I totally refuse to wear them, I get anxiety thinking about it. So wrong and the child abuse of parents making kids wearing them depresses me no end. Canada is already vaxing against “monkey pox”. All we can do is try to help those “too far gone” to wake up.

        2. Mmm, Nice ‘pox’ Photograph ‘References by MS Media’ produced M.S. ‘print Rags’ & Electronic Vis outlets. So as usual, are these photo’s by THE ‘Monday’s expert Media Medical Dept.,’ Who MOSTLY have ZERO Medical ‘Qualifications’ – &, ANY form of Independence aside, Who generally ‘Operate’ on OPINION, OR, Quasi ‘CONsensus’ than actual FACTS – Including ‘Their Fact Checkers’, show US, Actually Monkey Pox, OR, as usual ‘Manufacturing, an Image of ‘Shingles’ – Produced as an aside of Anatomical issues OR Quaxxta CON JOB 19 ‘Jabs’ (KNOWN by Big Pharma as 1 of up to 1200 different Adverse reactions to Their CoV Arse’N’All of ‘Products’).
          Monkey Pox? OMG!! CON JOB 19 MUST BE ON THE WANE! COVID $$ ‘Making’ Variant # 4,623, has finally weakened from it’s Acme Disease #1 Profile of Pushing The Other Corona Viruses, Pre 2018 our Standard COMMON Cold/ Flu, into a Roadside Ditch for it’s ‘lunch money’, & allowed the previous CoVs back into the limelight for a ‘Flu’ Season Return Tour of Duty! YAY! All of that Old/ New Stock CoV ‘Shots’ Cocktails, ARE Back in Fashion!
          Other Good News for Qld Folks who’ve Survived thus Far from lockdowns, segregations, Financial RuinNations, Multi Spectrum Coercions, Abnormal health enforcements, DNA ‘Theft’, Victims of their Local Police ‘Punch & Judy’ Enactments & the Odd Psych Ops ‘Dangerous CASA ALLOWED’ Military ‘Flyovers’ – PHEW, YOU will be happy to Know, that CoV # 19 + 4,604 – for ‘Math folks’,- IS ACTUALLY INTELLIGENT! – Amazingly, Virus, of which All of us are Majority Virus + Fungus + Bacteria as a Co Operative, Virus as different to Bacteria & Fungus ARE NOT a living ‘Entity’, BUT, this inCONvenient Technicality aside, YOUR/ MY/OUR – Together/ apart Health (LOL) Chief Medical Officers/ Premiers/ Illness Professionals Broad Spectrum/ proxy Prime Minstrels/ Illness & Bed-PanDemic Modellers/ Big Pharma/ An ENDLESS Plephora of M.S & Sock it To Me Media ‘Professionals’+ Associated F*CKAll Checkers/ Oh & a ‘He-She-it-They’ Concrete Garden gnome wearing a white Coat that I found in the Garden that by ‘CONsensus’ of Just ‘ME’ MUST be a Medical professional – ALL have advised the National & Local throng, That ‘Beastie COVID’ can Not only as a NON Living Entity, ‘Read’ a Calendar (Announced by C.M.O.) = 22 of Sept/ 2022, CAN Tell that it’s Day & Night, AND best of All, CAN read a Chronometer = 11;59 P.M. – Not Actually Midnight – OH Dear!
          Well all I’ve got to say about this Farce Dr J. Gerrard IS – You do Realise that CoVid, operates on a 24 hour timeline, so in keeping with this, that should be 23;59 Hrs. ERP! Sorry again, just so we’re ‘Accurate’, is that
          23;59 Hrs Exactly, 0 Seconds, or 23;59 Hrs & 59 Seconds??

          Meanwhile sitting on some support structure under a bridge on the Bris of Bane River, COVID # 4604 – 4223 Stratagises on Future Strategic FLU outbreak of ITSELF;
          “BUGGAR! Some Bloody Head Quack Dr GermHard, has just Pulled me Trousers down & given me an extended 6 of the Best! What is it about these Chocolate wheel Policy spinners, their Black cat in a wicker basket treatments & a course of Leeches -Leeches other than the Technocrats?
          Oh dear. Guess I’d better start marking off the Calendar until the 22nd of 2022. That’s Handy, I picked up this Pharma ‘COCK’ Sponsored 2022 Calender from the AMA/TGA office down the road. When it get’s closer I’ll Google that Atomic Clock for accuracy – Wonder if they mean 23;59 ‘Exactly’?. Now then, better check the ASXC stock market to see how ‘My’ Medical investment Portfolio is Tracking, & maybe Diversify into NON perishable food Stocks, going by the amount of ‘Em being purposefully Trashed!”

          & so we leave ‘Beastie COVID’, to ‘it’s’ next ‘CONvenient appearances’ of Viral Magic, being Stratagised under a Bridge structure @ Bris of Bane River – or for a Local native Flavour, is that we ‘May war’ – again soon, @ the behest of Dr GermHard & Tsaress Anna.- Stay.SeeYa ? WEF K9 trainers Unite.

          1. Correction; Bris of Bane river, COVID 4604 – 4623= #4604 + CoV-19. now I can sleep properly! LOL

  2. very hard for governments to give up power once they have it. But having given up our own powers/rights/liberties it’s even harder to get them back.

  3. Doesn’t matter what “disease” they drum up, as long as they can make the sheeple don the death cult facial uniform. That Dr Gerrard is starting to look like Anton LaVay. Mind you, he has a long way to go to catch the TGA’s Professor John Skerritt.

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