October 2, 2023

12 thoughts on “The Pfizer Papers: How the Company Covered Up the Deaths of Trial Participants

  1. And yet these companies seemingly keep getting away with it! Justice couldn’t come soon enough for these crooked pharmaceutical companies!

  2. Good one, TJ and Ethan.
    Here is my 8-minute talk at the Adelaide rally on 23/7/22, from Adelaide Freedom Rally on Facebook. FB deleted 13 seconds of it (bizarre…why not delete the lot, much of which was stronger than this): “And you know how I write that: small ‘p’, capital ‘HARM’, small ‘a’, which reflects their business model…and their captured ‘regulatory’ bodies, AHPRA, TGA, ATAGI, AMA…”:


    One day I will give a decent talk from memory, without notes. The trouble is I’m too busy to practise enough…wrote this one the night before. And if I try to rely on memory I invariably go astray, ramble and end up exceeding the time limit…hence the notes.

  3. I blame the corrupt politicians and the unelected medical head honchos, as well as the doctors/nurses who blindly follow orders.

    Without the massive coercion to get the shots and, in Victoria, the forced injection take-up (either that or lose your means to make a living), there would have been a far lower uptake of these drug products.

    And if the masses knew about the fraud that is the flying virus story, Big Pharma could well pack it in.

    Watch: The End of Germ Theory


    Or read the new edition of Virus Mania, or Dissolving Illusions, or Fear of the Invisible, or Vaccine Epidemic, etc.

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