October 2, 2023

6 thoughts on “The Pfizer Papers: Company Secretly Planned for the Third Dose

  1. Well, how about having no trials at all? Yep…can’t even make this sh*t up…in the clown world we now live in – The Who’s recommending that Scientism™ just have no trials or studies at all – straight to market….can’t see anything wrong with that. Can you?

    Oh and what about the latest Pfizer trial that just approved the Quaxx for infants – it was based on data of only 6 Quaxxed kids vs 2 in the placebo group ( which were unblinded and injected anyway in true Pfizer fashion) So the the tiny cohort of kids will decide the fate of the rest of the world’s future generation…despite 3000 kids mysteriously dropping out of the trial. 4165 Kids at the beging of the rial reduced down to 8 at the end…how about the Science™!

    Team Enigma has exposed the fraud here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/fQy59XZT6juL/

    Gotta follow the Science™ everyone….Safe n effective™

    1. ‘These’ are NOT ‘Trials!’ THE U.Nations GANG STARS have been PRE ‘Trialing’ the ‘Soup’ on The African Continent (Trial ‘Men of Africa’) / Central America & Asia Major, with the ‘Help’ of Notorious Phillantropists such as ‘Genocide ‘R’ US’ @ GATSEY = BAMGF – U.N Agencies UNICEF/ WHO/ GAVI & the Wonderful Collaborative People (Loose term People) @ GSK, since AT LEAST 2005, probably before, being ‘Spotted’ by African Congress of churches. Formerly ‘Denied’ by THE U.N.in 2015 several times, before the Same Toe Rags, ‘Admitted’ Deployment of ‘Chemical Sterilisation Programs’ disguised as ‘Vaccination programs’ for previous 10 Years!!
      THE ‘Soup’ for CON JOB -19 Jabs, currently containing Viper Venom Vectors ‘PLUS’ is supplied to ALL ‘Manufacturers’ of Same, by Your & My friends at Monsanto, NOW a Division of Bayer – THE Other trusted Global Chem Company, formerly a Fully Fledged MEMBER Corporation of the NAZI 3RD Reich Military Industrial Complex – I.G. Farben. – Just like BASF.
      ‘THEY’, know EXACTLY, what the ‘SOUP’ DOSE, BEFORE DEPLOYMENT! – READ; IT IS ‘NOT’ ‘AT’ EXPERIMENTAL PHASE! – IT, IS ‘OPERATIONAL’!! ‘Trials’ are for ;Diversionary Strategic PDF – Plausible Deniability Factor. P.R. PRE TESTED = U.N.safe & TOTALLY DESIGN EFFECTIVE! – Efficacy.
      GAVI/ UNICEF – Oxymoronic to the Max – ‘Protecting Children?’ =
      SNATCH; “Get Your Tongue out of My Arse BILL! Your NOT a Dog are You Bill?”
      Anyone for BAMGF’s (U.N/GAVI Genocide) ‘Polio’ Vaccines? Maybe India! Interesting Graphs for Polio Globally. CHECK the ‘Release’ & Deployment of DDT, ADD 4-6 Months. ‘Overlay’ Deployment & ‘Identification’ of NEW Novel ‘Disease Apparent’, Polio. = AMAZING! Next Apparent Issue, ‘Polio’ now ‘Disappeared’ in India, EXCEPT ‘Gatsey’s’ Residual Polio ‘Vaccination’ Issues! Is that 496,000 Paralysed Indian Children Victims of the same GAVI ‘Program’ i see? ANOTHER U.N. ‘Success Story’ – S.S. in the ‘Field’!
      Have a Great Day.

  2. Very interesting that this criminal activity is allowed although authorities clearly do not care because of the threats. Never before has the world been united in its approach. Corruption, breaking their own laws out in the open and murdering millions is the new normal. Gates must be smiling. He gave advice to scomo originally something quietly reported on.

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