Anti-UN protests erupt in Congo, 15 dead

Heated scenes have broken out in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with three peacekeepers killed and at least 15 anti-UN protesters losing their lives so far in clashes.

Protesters attack UN peacekeeping site.
Photo: AJN
Violent protests could constitute a war crime, UN chief says.


At least 15 people have been killed as anti-United Nations protests erupt in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s north-eastern region, in attacks UN chief Antonio Guterres said could constitute a ‘war crime’.

Protests began, on Monday as crowds took to the streets of North Kivu province’s main city Goma against the country’s UN mission – United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) – which they accuse of failing to stop armed groups’ decades-old fighting.

Demonstrations spread further north to the towns of Beni and Butembo on Tuesday.

According to reports, five people were killed in Goma and about 50 others were wounded, confirmed government spokesman Patrick Muyaya.

Seven civilians were killed in Butembo, local police chief Colonel Paul Ngoma also confirm.


One peacekeeper and two UN police officers were also killed in Butembo, the UN mission said in a statement.

The UN says that protesters have “violently snatched weapons” from the Congolese police and fired at peacekeeping forces.

They had also been throwing stones and petrol bombs, breaking into bases, and looting and vandalising facilities, according to the organisation.

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3 comments on “Anti-UN protests erupt in Congo, 15 dead”

  1. I was in that area, plus S Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, collecting soil and plant samples (investigating micronutrient deficiencies) in 2007. Those people mean business. If this is what it takes to get rid of one of the global-parasites’ enforcement units, then so be it.

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    OMG! ‘Social Media Fueled’- ANTI U.N. Protests- That’s NOT OZ social Media!
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    OMG! United Nations ‘Peace Keepers’ – WHEN has/ Have ‘They’ EVER worked? Rwanda 1994 – WOW! SOOo ‘Effective’ U.N.!
    Question time for ‘Shits & Giggles’; WERE the ‘UNunited Nations’ – ‘Peace keepers’, Stationed- ‘Strategically Placed’ near ‘Foreign Assets & Infrastructures’??
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    Solutions Time; Perhaps ‘Harari’, & some of the ‘Locals’, could be placed in an Arena, & see WHO’s (No not those Other GANGstars) – Who’s best at ‘Hacking with ‘E’ffect’!
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    United Nations – Kiss My Arse! At least CongaLines appear to have some Spine & the ‘Moxy’! – GOOD for You, & Your offspring! – Australian Pretenders & Sheeple TAKE Note!

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