December 7, 2023

3 thoughts on “Anti-UN protests erupt in Congo, 15 dead

  1. I was in that area, plus S Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, collecting soil and plant samples (investigating micronutrient deficiencies) in 2007. Those people mean business. If this is what it takes to get rid of one of the global-parasites’ enforcement units, then so be it.

  2. “Bon Jour Local & Global citizens! WELCOME to OxyMOREronic Wednesday! START the ‘Show’!”
    OMG! ‘Social Media Fueled’- ANTI U.N. Protests- That’s NOT OZ social Media!
    OMG! ‘Democratic’ Congo!’ WHAT? No Belgians? Black hands Chocolates- Still Popular – LOL.
    OMG! United Nations ‘Peace Keepers’ – WHEN has/ Have ‘They’ EVER worked? Rwanda 1994 – WOW! SOOo ‘Effective’ U.N.!
    Question time for ‘Shits & Giggles’; WERE the ‘UNunited Nations’ – ‘Peace keepers’, Stationed- ‘Strategically Placed’ near ‘Foreign Assets & Infrastructures’??
    Peace be upon Local Citizens, &, SCREW the U.N. ‘GANG Stars’!
    Solutions Time; Perhaps ‘Harari’, & some of the ‘Locals’, could be placed in an Arena, & see WHO’s (No not those Other GANGstars) – Who’s best at ‘Hacking with ‘E’ffect’!
    For THE U.N. ‘Supporters’, IS this what ‘Civilisation & Civility’ is ACTUALLY ‘Gauged By’?? = Faceless, Useless, Global Predations of ENDLESS Slave Labour,& Endeavors with a Synthetic ‘White Boy/Girl’ Hint of ‘Humanity’? – Schwab Inc.
    United Nations – Kiss My Arse! At least CongaLines appear to have some Spine & the ‘Moxy’! – GOOD for You, & Your offspring! – Australian Pretenders & Sheeple TAKE Note!

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