October 1, 2023

17 thoughts on “Australians told to stop eating meat to ‘hit climate change targets’

  1. To Hell With Your Fake Climate Change Agenda. The Elites Will All Be Eating As Much Meat As They Want. You Cant Fool Everyone With Your LIES!

    1. Exactly, Peter! These academics can go fuck themselves! You won’t see these politicians or rich elites give up red meat and start eating bugs.
      This tyranny is getting out of control and the people are eventually going to explode into anarchy when the sheep wake up and realise the evil that runs this planet. I just hope this happens soon before this dystopia takes hold or the evil elites destroy the whole planet in a nuclear holocaust.

  2. No one is reporting that the planet Nibiru aka planet X has entered our orbit and is now visible.
    This is causing extreme weather/ climatechanges as it moves closer to earth. The Poles will shift significantly and Earth will not be the same.
    Governments have ignored advising the people, even though they are aware.

    1. What a load of rubbish! Whacko nut jobs have been spreading this bullshit for over a decade now and were claiming Nibiru was visible then. This Nibiru crap is just as absurd as the Flat Earth idiocy!

      1. Hey, Shane glad you called bullshit on planet X and flat earth, though the climate change is real on a natural planetary cycle of events

        You cannot claim any real assurance of theories and speculation but there is enough evidence that the sun is the earth’s greatest threat and driver of climatic conditions here on earth without needing to pile on planet x, human induced Co2 warming etc.

        If the effect of the shifting magnetic poles and sun cycles on climatic growing conditions comes anywhere near the possibilities that are claimed, we are going to be in need of preparations that fit the narrative of self resilience that the present push for control by governments and the puppet masters calls for anyway.

  3. How much energy does it take to produce sufficient food in a laboratory/factory to feed everyone as opposed to raising the animals for food and/or working? How much trust does one invest in these companies to continue to produce these non natural foods?

    1. What are the consequences to human health too with all this artificial crap in our diets. I can guarantee it won’t be good!

  4. Given enough time and propaganda and not to mention cost, most of society will eventually adapt to this meatless diet. Give it 10 – 20 years and it’ll become the norm! Because human beings are the most adaptable species on the planet!

  5. Without meat in our diets Brain development in children will be severely effected. Our IQs will drop well below normal levels. Dumbing down the population is one of the new world orders or One World Governments main plans. Easier to control a stupid population.

    1. And don’t forget the fluoride and the multiple vaxxes jabbed into infants and children, Peter, eg the MMR vax, which is the main reason for the escalation in autism (especially in males) in recent years.

      1. Exactly, Graham. I’ve been researching the detrimental effects of fluoride and vaccines for twenty five years now, and it makes me so angry at the evil atrocities these evil scum are inflicting on society (especially babies and children) throughout our history. I wish I could exterminate all of these evil scumbags to make the world a better place!

  6. No need to worry, I’ve told my Angus cattle that if they don’t stop farting they won’t get their autumn dose of ivermectin.

  7. RSA. The Resourced Simpletons – R.S. (Formerly ref’d to as some form of ‘Elite’) Agenda, continues. Happy that the ‘Plebs’ Believe that They, The Plebs’, had a hand, in the Federal Electing of another Group of the SAME People, in Federal Labor! What’s that? The Cattle & Sheep are Laughing themselves into a Gaseous frenzy over Theoretical Democracy? NO other Species allows the ‘Dumbest Members’ to Rule the Pack!
    As for the ‘Reasoning’ behind Nero to Zero meat ingestion, our collective Brains & DNA are ‘Indexed’ to consume Meat & including all ‘Provided’ Holistic animal products. Necessary for brain function, Bodily reinforcement & Muscle building, especially Males of the Species! For W.O.K.E folk, that’s the Species with a ‘Penis’. The Non wastage of total resource, in this case the ‘Animal’, Proper treatment of resource origin & Spiritual acknowledgement of provision IS important!!
    The ‘Blaming’ of animals for ‘Contribution to the Declining Climate parameters (IF the R.S. can produce ‘ACTUAL DATA’ instead of UNSUPPORTED THEORY & Dodgy Pre Kindergarten Rhetoric), IS Laughable. MORE Farting in the Fields – Obviously the Animals AGREE!
    Inconvenient History; With the U.Sers of America ‘Extermination’ of between Est., 30 & 50,000,000 Bison on their N. American Landmass during the 1800’s, to Resolve an ‘Indian Subjugation issue of Resources Reliance’, or Genocide, I would have thought that this ‘Dent in Numbers’ of this average weight 1.5 Tonne Continental grazing Lawn mower, would have left a Huge Void in the Methane envelope! My Mistake! Is That what a Bisontenary Means?
    So Global WOES, ARE NOT caused by Industrialists ‘Products’ – Aka ; WAR, Chemicals – ALL Theatres incl., Agri/ Industrial/ Pharma- Medical {Both Ends; CAUSE & ‘Quack Solution’}/ Manufacturing/ Aero-Auto-Marine+ Military/ Food; EMRs Telcos; O3 Depletion via ‘Rocketry Platforms’, CRAP Fast- Covenience Food ‘Outcomes’ ( This includes the ‘Crap’ passed off as ‘Pet’ Food – Full of Bulking Cereal & it’s Negative Human alike Health outcomes); & ON!! It’s obviously Daisey the Cow, Billy the Goat & Flossy the Sheep. Thank God that’s sorted! BASTARD ANIMALS!
    And, I hope Bill Gates & ALL of his ‘Supportive R.S. Teams & the UN Collaborators’, SURRENDER, ALL of their Lands & Livestock for ‘Inspections’, along with THEMSELVES & their Offspring, being ABSOLUTELY RESTRICTED to ingestion of Their NEO Avante Garde Cuisine, per LAB produced Meat Substitutes (They’ll have to refer to ‘IT’ as something else like ‘VEGEMEAT’, ‘MARMEAT’, F-LAB, or FrankenFurter [Sounds like a Rocky Horror road to traverse]), & of course Complimented with a Healthy dose of GMO ‘Vegies’ – Loose Term! Maybe they could just reference ‘Batch #’s’? “MMmm, I feel like some Uber Hot Pot 461, & some 666 Hot & Spicey Devilled Wedges!” BON APPETITE!
    Last; “BILL! I SEEN YA! TRYIN’ TO SNEAK THAT GRASS FED SIRLOIN! DON’T YOU WANNA STICK TO THE RULES? OR, ARE YA SNEAKIN’ IT OFF TO THAT BUSH/ CLINTON BBQ IN TEXAS? WHAT’S THAT IN YA BARN – ANIMALS? Ah it’s O.K.! Just Kids. At least ‘THEY’ aren’t Cattle! Wedges Kids, and a Cardboard Smoothie? Let me just undo that ziptie & gag, so I can take your order!”

  8. Why don’t they reduce the number of cattle raised each year to cater for only Australia’s needs and stop exporting overseas? Will Chinese owned land in our country be subject to livestock reductions? I think not.

  9. How easy is it to wind people up on the great C02 debate if people have not recognized it yet as another control mechanism to extort from the masses and give to the elite?

    The uproar surrounding having meat cut out of the diet choice is another division tactic by the would be controllers.

    If you don’t get caught up in the tactic of divide and conquer and bought the argument back to the false Co2 narrative it would be more effective a tactic than shrieking like a bitch because daddy took your dead animal away,

    Ruminant animals and livestock are an important part of sustainable regenerative agriculture. Is there an ethical and environmental question about some animal farming … I would say yes.

    If you do not find a way to secure your own food supply chain eating dead animals will be a moot point anyway cos you ain’t gunna be in the club if you refuse to take on the digital ID and mark of the beast.

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