Fear Psychosis and the Cult of Safety

The belief that the human condition is inherently ‘unsafe’ is the fundamental creed of the cult of safety, which has solidified itself in our society.

In the last few decades safety has, in the words of Furedi, taken on a “quasi-religious quality”.

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Stay very, very afraid!
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An abundance of safety rules and restrictions are not making people feel safer; they are contributing to our culture of fear.

In some of the most flourishing civilisations of the past, fear was counterbalanced by hope and by an optimistic belief in the human potential.

Humanity must learn to find and manage that balance once again.


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1 comments on “Fear Psychosis and the Cult of Safety”

  1. Very good analysis & presentation from The Academy of Ideas, as usual. “Fear has become a basic characteristic of our entire culture”. The coronahoax has revealed that most Australians are cowards. Those who sacrifice freedom for “safety” will end up with neither.

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