October 2, 2023

7 thoughts on “‘We Choose Freedom!’: Large crowds across Australia REJECT the major parties

    1. Exactly! I’m expecting they will rig it in some way, just like the French, Canadian and American elections.
      I won’t vote for any of them, even the minor parties, because they’re all corrupt career criminals! If you read the minor party policies, for example the United Australia Party, you’ll find that some of their policies favour the corporations. Clive Palmer wants all mining tax abolished and looser regulations on the mining industry, and he’s the largest mining magnate in Australia and is how he became rich in the first place.
      The whole system is corrupt to the core and has never been a true democracy. Every politician’s financial records should be available to the public, and every member of parliament should be paid according to their performance and dedication to the service of the people. ANY corruption or criminal actions of any politician in local, state and federal government should be dealt with harsh prison sentences to keep them all honest. All laws and policies should only be passed by referendum of the people, whether they be federal, state or local. Lobbying of politicians or parties should be made illegal and should carry life sentences for both parties involved in the act.

      1. Adopting an attitude of “throwing out the baby with the bath water” is very UNhelpful. At least do your homework and vote for those Candidates that are truly wanting the very best for Australia and it’s people instead of giving up and giving over to the NWO Agenda… because THAT is what you are doing by not using your valuable, God-given vote.

  1. Nice coverage of the rallies as usual, Ethan. Jim and Shane are unafraid to mention the elephant in the room, viz the spectre of election fraud. Yes, both Trump and Le Pen won, but look at the “result”.

    Yes, I was accompanied by Warnie’s ghost in Adelaide and we had to contend with a stiff breeze. He claims he is repentant now, for castigating “Novax” for failing to submit to the poison. Indeed, Warnie has told me this was a condition of his entry to “the higher place”. St Peter told him it was touch and go as to whether he would be sent to “the other place”, given his numerous indiscretions, but especially for his strong advocacy for the satanic quax. But “Tiger” O’Reilly has gone wicketless in the last two heavenly Tests so they were looking for a replacement leggie. Warnie looks forward to bowling to WG Grace, who is still opening for England, as his form remains good.

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