December 5, 2023

5 thoughts on “The middle class is being systematically destroyed

  1. If one is a person of faith this article begs the question: are we living through the end times without necessarily being aware of it? Perhaps it began in the 1700’s with the industrial revolution and continues today with the tech and digital revolution. There has been huge social and economic upheaval which continues today and into the foreseeable future

  2. This was predicted a long time ago in the good book, yet not many read it to understand what is going on in the last days of the history of this earth and why what is happening is actually taking place. This is a shame as many would have known and understood the signs of the times just like the birthing pain are an indication of the imminence of the birth of a child.

    The removal of the middle class was always the plan all along. The good book makes mention of “the rich and the poor” and “the free and the bond” in the last days. There is no mention of the middle-class. However, based on history, those intent on creating only two classes of people, should have known that this will not happen without any rebellionm unrest and riots.

    The centralizing of wealth and power; the vast combinations for the enriching of the few at the expense of the many; the combinations of the poorer classes for the defense of their interests and claims; the spirit of unrest, of riot and bloodshed; the world-wide dissemination of the same teachings that led to the French Revolution—all are tending to involve the whole world in a
    struggle similar to that which convulsed France.

    We are nearly there.

  3. Those pinning their hopes on the upcoming election need to know – the major parties, aware of their massive loss of support, now seem to be fielding many “independents” with who to form alliances when they would otherwise lose.

    Be really careful who you vote for.

    This will, of course, be the first election of the “new Twitter”. I bet a few politicians are already burning the midnight oil updating their strategies.

  4. Starting with Caesar Augustus, who at least had ‘Capacity of Management’ skills, we currently have the ‘Concerned’ Society of 300 Caligula & Nero Factions. Apologies. My mistake. The NON ‘concerned’, SO ‘Intouch with themselves’ & obviously who have a Shared Plight, in that, like the Middle classes, They are ‘Labouring’ over the Agony of decision of which colour Lear Jet to add to the 1 of 10 – 20 Houses that they own, garage.
    The ‘Practical & Realistic’ Drones that make up the ‘Mega Pratt’ Class, have such a Simplistic Plan of destruction of the 1 Class, that is the Complete GLUE of their Worldly Systems – The Middle Class. IT provides the IDEAS, Tech, Engineering, Manufacturing, Skills, & Solutions base to Run the Planet, & The Financial Currency Actual supports. THEY ‘Pay’ for the Elites Station & Props, & pick up the Overall ‘TAB’ for the shortcomings of the lower socio economic systems. THEY are the Buffer against Revolt & Chaos! So as an Elite Muppet or their PET Political servants, you’d Obviously want to ‘Dissolve’ this Class?? =
    Did I mention ‘Elitus Pratti’ Class, who are SOO God level & Inventive, that they’d be lucky to know how to operate a Bread Toaster, or tie up a shoelace.
    Also, Twitter, has been ‘Saved’, to be Reborn in the Vision [Sic], by an even Bigger Elitist ‘TWIT’!
    And So, what would happen if THE Middle classes, turned their collective backs on the ‘Current Systems’ En Masse, just like Queen Mab in the Merlin Chronicles, & refused to ‘Contribute’?

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