September 23, 2023

15 thoughts on “The Pfizer Papers: Documents confirm the vaccine was supposed to “prevent COVID”, not just reduce symptoms

  1. TJ reveals the incompetence of Pfizer re quax R&D, along with its criminal history. But I think they will eventually be destroyed by the overwhelming evidence of their murderous intent (and partial “success”), revealed by Dr Yeadon et al (viz their collusion with Moderna and J&J in the US, and presumably globally in testing how much of the poison ingredients are required to kill people within a finite time frame…most deaths and severe quax injuries were traced to particular batch numbers). This renders even previously “immune” vax manufacturers and purveyors liable to crippling damages. But then which courts will be sufficiently corruption-free to try them objectively?Of course, much of the real damage is already done…an estimated 5 billion people quaxxed to date!

  2. They (Pfizer) certainly aren’t shy about admitting that their injectable fluid is experimental. In the snippet of their report above, the use of the word ‘investigational’ caught my eye.

  3. The directors of all of these pharma companies, including the directors of the CDC and WHO, as well as every leader of every country and state that approved these poisonous and evil jabs, should be executed for their heinous crimes against humanity, after they’ve spent a couple of years in solitary confinement with absolutely no contact with sunlight or another living being!
    They need to be held accountable and suffer, just like they made everybody else suffer, for their evil deeds! NO MERCY!

  4. If this information is available to the general public, and I assume to Governments globally, why are Governments, Queensland Health etc etc still promoting vaccines and boosters to the public?

  5. Actually the Phizza vac did not get full approval at all , it is still for emergency use only , it was a slight of hand that they gave phizza full approval for the name change ,, to comirnity . a magician slight of hand to make it appear that full approval had been granted ,, look it up

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