June 7, 2023

1 thought on “Children aged 0-4 years old added to vaccine injury scheme | Podcast

  1. Good one again, General. I share your anger and disgust with our so-called “leaders”, who are merely pHARMa puppets. But I am up in Brisbane again to help the family out, so can’t run up/down Mt Lofty to achieve some equanimity. I suppose I could head for Mt Coot-tha or Toowoomba’s Mt Lofty…

    In the time I listened to your podcast I heard two ambulance sirens here in Stafford Heights. Every time I see or hear an ambulance these days, I think: “Another severe quax injury”.

    Hey, the Chilean govt is ahead of the game, really forward thinking: “Chile approves a law to protect employment rights of mutants and GM humans”. Does this mean we can’t refuse even advanced “walking dead” cases a job?! What happens when they attack us in the workplace…will we get compensated? Oh, I get it…we’ll need a doctor to sign off on the link between TWD and our horrific injuries…good luck with that.

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