Children aged 0-4 years old added to vaccine injury scheme | Podcast

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The injection saga.
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On the latest episode of the General Knowledge Podcast, General Maddox from Real News Australia discusses shocking federal budget allowances for the vaccine injury scheme, Australia’s underreported COVID injection death rates, rights of genetically modified humans, geoengineering and more.




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Children aged ‘zero to four’ added to vaccine injury claims scheme

Australia’s COVID Injection Deaths Are At Least 80 Times Higher Than Reported — and Likely Much Higher

Chile Approves a Law to Protect Employment Rights of Mutants and Genetically Modified Humans

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1 comments on “Children aged 0-4 years old added to vaccine injury scheme | Podcast”

  1. Good one again, General. I share your anger and disgust with our so-called “leaders”, who are merely pHARMa puppets. But I am up in Brisbane again to help the family out, so can’t run up/down Mt Lofty to achieve some equanimity. I suppose I could head for Mt Coot-tha or Toowoomba’s Mt Lofty…

    In the time I listened to your podcast I heard two ambulance sirens here in Stafford Heights. Every time I see or hear an ambulance these days, I think: “Another severe quax injury”.

    Hey, the Chilean govt is ahead of the game, really forward thinking: “Chile approves a law to protect employment rights of mutants and GM humans”. Does this mean we can’t refuse even advanced “walking dead” cases a job?! What happens when they attack us in the workplace…will we get compensated? Oh, I get it…we’ll need a doctor to sign off on the link between TWD and our horrific injuries…good luck with that.

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