September 25, 2023

6 thoughts on “Inside Australia’s $124 million ‘Artificial Intelligence Action Plan’

  1. Australia 101 – A.I. = All In! Warning; – ‘Alternate Concepts NOT in Vogue’.
    A.I. The NEO ‘Rectification’, OR ‘Rectalfaction’ depending on your ‘Insight’.
    Positives to A.I.;a] Medium, Long COVID explained in a Fun Non Human way with NO form of ‘Feed Back, Or Emotion!’ “Just The Facts A.I., Give it to Me Straight!’ – Sponsored by your Loving & Committed CO Operative Chemical/ Pharma Industry.
    b] Bios Only Information, as different to Bias Only Information. AND different to the Organic Greek meaning. – Sponsorship By THE Manufactured News Hacks – Your Loving, Caring Governments, Product Corporations, & M.S Media/ Social Communicating Platforms CABAL..
    c] Dodgey Global & local Histories – Concise vetted version for Lovely reading – Sponsorship by ‘Generational Global Corporate Ghouls ‘R’ US.
    Appendix c] WE’LL tell you who the NEXT BEST ‘Enemy’ Money can buy’ IS! & Boycott protocols; Um, is it Russia? Putin, Russia, Putin, Russia? Puttin’ on the Russia? NO Purchasing or Interacting with Anything Russo – Scwaub, Kissinger, Soros, Rockers, Rothsch & Gatsey, you can still get your Vodka & Caviar @ Honest Ivan’s Food emporium – Use cash – No A.I. ‘Tracking’ Don’t Q.R. ‘In’, &,wear a Mask. – ‘OH! You already ARE!’
    THE SELL – “Come in Spinner!’ ; “The Globalists, Um Sorry. “Australia’s A.I. Action Plan sets out the way forward to establish Australia as a failed Leader inside our Own Incontinence, And – , Um sorry. That’s ‘Continent’, & ‘Failed’ was an observance, Historically, – “Inside our Own ‘Continent’ as a Globule Leader in ‘Something’ @ Great expense, & adapting Trusted, Secure ‘The A.I. Of Everything!’ – Until the ‘Power’ goes down, or the Power goes down taking the NoBloodyNetwork offline, or a Solar event Fries the Satellite Systems, Or Ernie from Mumbai fleeces You, Or his Cousin Hacks your phone/accounts or both – ‘SAFE & EFFECTIVE!’
    Thank God I say, Thank God for the Cyber Police ‘Oversight!’
    OMG. Another False Flag in the ‘Waiting Room!’!
    To THE ‘Australian’s’ aforementioned; HAVEN’T we had this discussion before, about using ‘Government & Initiatives’, & ‘Government & Planning’, & ‘Fair Trade’ Agreements; in the same ‘narrative’ before. located in the Lists of such ‘Productive Enterprises’ Aka – ‘THE Oxymoron Files’? & the only way out of Oxymoronic Files is a ‘Non conflict’ descriptive such as ‘UNSAFE & INEFFECTIVE’ – Better. ‘Stupidity In Trade’ – Better.
    Still in the same vein – behaviour, For the other ‘Shining Lights’ @ the beck & Call of THE Society of Professional Dramatics & Manufacture – Govt/Media Cabal, with upcoming ANZAC in mind, perhaps the RSL, 1 of first to fold on THE Cabal’s Pre CON JOB 19 Exercise Operation ‘SLUMBERING SHEEP’ – ‘Testing the Waters’ Resistance Tests on that ‘Said day’, the RSL could use More A.I. to Investigate Simplified word meanings, such as ‘Remembrance’, & with current Anti Russo sentiment running into the Mega Comatose Sheep Zone, maybe A.I. could expand on phrases as well ‘Lest WE Forget’ – WW1, Gt Depression 1929/30’s- 1st Round of Current Home Population Social WAR, WW2, Korea, Malaysia – Remembered?, Vietnam, Laos, Timor/ New Guinea – Sorry, I forgot, WE Divided that up with the Indos, Then Afghan, Iraq, Africa – Various, Middle East #4,124 – Repeat Tours, Syria, Libya, Melbourne/ Sydney/ Global – Gt Depression Rd2, Now – Ukraine?! IF ONLY We’d had A.I. we could have ‘Remembered’ our Previous ‘Successes’, AND, Saved on All that ‘Global Warming’ INPUTS! I’m 4th Gen Aust., So Back Off if you Do NOT grasp this concept!
    WARNING; YOU, are now entering Australian A.I. Interactive Zone since the year of A.D.- Andrews Dan for Victorian victims only- 2019 Yr. For Mass Psychosis programming. Please have your Good2Grovel Identification Ready. NO B.Y.O Critical or Independent Thought will be tolerated by our Watchful FriendlyRoboticsInterfacingSystemCitizens YobOrganisedUniformity – FRISC YOU Systems.
    This IS for your Security & Protection, & the Overall National Security interests of The WEF, IMF, WTO & UNNWO ‘Obligations to Humanity’, in Alignment with Australian Cabal Values & Dedicated Outcomes. Please move thru the Corrals & barriers in an orderly fashion, no Animal messaging, wear your face masks @ all times, Social distance even if you’ve been sitting shoulder to shoulder to that same ‘Unit’ for the last 6 Hours on your Flight, No Body waste products to be left on Floor, No laughing or Mirth our A.I. or Assault Squad Systems are UNaware of this ‘Program’ or it’s Residual existence. Compliance Is All!
    Merchandising Section;
    Ordering of ‘Australian Action Plan figures’ available in Various Sizes , Scale Interactivity. See A.I. Catalogue. Batteries Not Inclusive.
    Ordering of ‘Australian Action Plan Dolls’. Sold separately. Over 18+. @ figures. Full size for Discerning Members. Male/ Female/ ‘They’, also now come in Cabal ‘Supportive’ Ukraine colours. SPECIAL; Ukranian Military AZOV & THE Right SECTOR Military uniforms sold Separately Complete with NAZI Derived Insignias, & NOT Restricted. NEW Waffen SS & S.D ‘Galicia Division’ Options currently in Production for those into Nostalgia. Private Collectors Only. Please NO ‘Dealers’. – Sorry Jerry / Gerry!
    Due to Current ‘Mass. Psych. Program’ UNforeseeable END restrictions, ‘Anything Russian, including Costumes’ have NO Platform for response, and so have been Deleted from Everything, including our Catalogue! So please disregard our selection of ‘PUTIN’ on the Ritz’ Figurine complete with associated Music theme, if this is still shown. In it’s Place in Coming Catalogues, to replace these we have Effigies of Global News Anchor Hacks, & some Political figures with Lock step rhetoric in all Languages, Synchronised Head nodding & body gesticulations, U.S., U.K. Australian models come with an Alternate CO2 Gas cartridge to simulate EGOs, where you can Inflate EGO via ActiveRemoteScaleEvalve – ARSE, cranial valve & watch them Explode!
    Elasto Model comes with provision to place Cranial into Rectal structure Combi Insertion – Comes with rectal LED Environmentally friendly Illumination & A.I. Connectivity – Twin USB port optional.
    All units are quality Tested & Manufactured by UNnatural Toys Inc. Extra Heads in your choice of Woke Colours, replacement Cartridges are All Available – Subject to Availability. Read the Disclaimer, PDF, Conditions, All terms, Scenarios, Company Issue & Safety Policies, Funds return, Product return, Political returns to see if, Wether these products are Right For Ewe!
    Please Note; No payments in Roubles, All other Globalist Censoring Cabal, Global Hedge Credit Cards, GoFundMe, PayPal, All accepted, with appropriate Fees & Charges, once A.I. has scanned Your Social ‘Eligibility Score’!.
    Please note; Due to Staff, Manufacturing, Freight Supply ‘Difficulties/ Issues’ & NON Flattening of ANY Presumed or ‘Theoretical Curves’, there is a limit of 2 Units per Customer – Media Hacks NOT included.
    OUR A.I. Tracking will amalgamate All data on Projected Consumer Sales for fairness using our Inhouse – ‘JointlyAmmalgamatingMathMetric InfringementTechnologies’ – JAMM IT system.
    Wellness to All.

  2. @John Dawe, That was bloody brilliant. What a great stand-up comedian monologue that would be. Of course, not at the Melbourne Comedy Festival…would be deemed “unacceptable”. LoL

  3. Good article Ethan. But here is another good article by Dr Ardis on the real origin of COVID-19. As I had always stated in the past, this is not a battle against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers against the rulers of darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    I have always also maintained that this all goes back to the man of sin ( pope ) sitting in Rome. Well, would this then surprise anyone to know that the WSJ published an article on Feb 2020, giving the historical definition for the word “Virus” as “venom”.? Would it also surprise anyone that the Latin definition for the word “Corona” also means “Miter” ?

    What does Miter have to do with any of this one would ask? From one will find the definition of Corona.

    “Ecclesiastical. a gold-colored stripe around the lower edge of a clerical headdress, as of a miter.”

    So who wears a Miter? None other than the Pope of Rome.

    So what was the Corona-Virus? Clearly it was none other that the Pope’s Venom. When one understands that the biblical definition of the “beast” of Revelation is none other than the Pope of Rome, it all makes sense and ties everything altogether with the bible. One can also understand that this was all planned by the Black and White Popes ( Ying and Yang ). As prophesied in the bible, the book that never lies, their aim is to prepare the way for their master who will come to impersonate Christ and enforce his mark, which is the Sunday Law.

    Therefore we are take heed that NO man deceive us.

    Watch and pass on.

    1. Reptilians ‘R’ Us. – ROME- After the Romans left – This must be why THE ‘Pope’s’ Audience Hall, completed in 1971, designed by Pier Luigi Nervi. Definitively Reptilian, looking internally from Entrance to ‘Stage area’! Windows design continuing Theme..& what’s with the ‘Sculpture directly behind where the Tic Tac sits?? with his Apparent Vision of The Lad – J. Christ – Local to Galilee/ Syria-Judea pedestrian Circa -4 B.C. to approx 26/ 30 A.D. in ‘The Resurrection’ ( La Resurrezione) designed by P. Fazzini – ‘Inspired by J.C. apparently rising from the blast of a Nuclear explosion!’ ER – What? Italian Apocalypse 1971. – I wonder if ‘Apocalypse Now’ took some Cues from this?
      AS for ‘Corona’ this has many meanings in Ancient texts, Part of a classic cornice or Crown piece, Head aura, Luminous circle around astral bodies Etc. Several text ‘Reference translations, are an ‘Assumption of Meaning, but all are open for reflective meaning.
      As for Head dress of Religious entities, Gold, apart from being associated, as was purple colouring/ robes- attire, was associated with regal or upper Echelon Hierarchy due to it’s rarity/Expense. Further, Gold was chosen for it’s Anti oxidation properties apparently known in Ancient Electro Technologies, along with protective ‘Grounding’. There was no need for the ‘Simulated Earth strapping’ on the religious Head dressing – The ‘Mitre’, (‘Headband or Turban’) worn by traditional Christian Bishops & Abbots. AS with All other Garb & Ceremonies ‘Borrowed’ from Pre groups. – Or so the stories go.
      We obviously need a Learned, well informed, stand alone ‘insider’ to fill in the Gaps on these Papal vacuums – Maybe John Anglicus, late of Mainz?

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