November 29, 2023

13 thoughts on “Australia’s COVID Injection Deaths Are At Least 80 Times Higher Than Reported — and Likely Much Higher

  1. They will continue to deny what’s really going on with these injections right up until the point where they can no longer hide it! But of course they will justify their actions by Stating that ‘we thought the benefits would outweigh the risks’.

  2. A lot of damning information presented here. But the quax holocaust continues. I read in today’s Adelaide Harvey Norman Daily that the govt will conduct another ad blitz to promote booster uptake, which is apparently below par/flagging. Are some of the bien pensants waking up at last?

    All of the pHARMa puppets/shills/quaxlings should spend the rest of their miserable lives in prison. These people are mass murderers/harmers. In Australia they include Morrison, Hunt, all Premiers & Chief Ministers and their “Health” Ministers, all Chief Public Health Officers (and exes in the case of Qld), Murphy, Kelly, Halton, heads of the TGA (Anton laVey Skerritt), AMA, ATAGI, AHPRA (in fact that’s not enough, ALL “upper level” members of these pHARMa-captured “regulatory bodies” need to be gaoled. And how about the doctors, nurses, chemists still quaxxing people? As you can probably discern, I have had an almighty gutful of this covid quax evil. But I suspect it has a while to run yet, and the death and injury toll will rise inexorably. This is the reality of the bizarre time we live in, where the evil is so pervasive I can almost reach out and touch it and smell it in the air.

  3. 22 million Australians double vaxxed now THAT is the frightening part of your report! I cannot understand a nation that has been for years so convinced that all vaccines even for babies and children ARE essential and just do not question those “recommendations” Or threat as in NO school if not jabbed.. or no Family payments IF NOT jabbed>>>WHY are our “health care professionals” our first to contact GP;s all in this campaign to jabb babies from the moment they are born and continuously.. NO milions of dollars into research is need to find the cause of many of our sicknesses… just stop the chemicals being injected and start eating really clean GMO and Chem free food that will go a big way to wards a healthy immune system and subsequently a healthier less dependent society!

    1. You’re right on the money Jen.
      My 25yo daughter is named Jennifer too, and ever since she was born I’ve been researching the damage vaccines have been doing to our children, because the head maternity nurse took us aside after Jen was born and warned us that doctors were passing deaths from the MMR vaccine as S.I.D.S to cover it up. What I found was the medical, pharmaceutical industries and our government are corrupt and evil to the core!
      Unfortunately my wife refused to acknowledge what I’d found and walked out on me when Jen was 5yo and had her jabbed anyway.
      After the jabs Jen ended up with acute asthma and ADD, plus other health issues. I’ll never forgive her mother for ruining Jen’s chances for a normal, healthy life.

  4. “Hi Dee Hi NEIGHBour! On todays Show & Tell, Yes it’s all Things Equine!
    Equus a genus of Mammals in the Family of Equidae, which includes Horses, Zebras & – Donkeys.
    This week we relate to the Ongoing usage of that Popular & still SAFE & EFFECTIVE Time proven ‘Trojan Horse’ stratagem!
    Yes Myths abound around the Current Version of Medical Wooden Horsey 2.022, WEFs NEO Illness Rollout, tagged COVID # ‘Something’, Complete with Product Incoming/ Outgoing Accurate Data, Pre & finishing Post ‘Rollout’ appears to be as available as Greek Rocking Horse Shit!
    And to think THE Prime Minstrel NEO jockey Scamo, [Trainer WEF, out of Breeder; U.N.stables, whips & riding Gear by UNNWO & UNWHO, sponsorship & Transfers by IMF], has spent AU$200 MILLION PLUS, of Our Money on M.S. & Social Media COVID ‘Racing Guide’, to flog a DEAD or DEATH Horse! The alternate Race had a Deaf Horse, called Public Attentions, out of the horse Stable ‘Blinkers ‘R’ Us!”
    Moving On – ‘AusVax Safety’? Apart from the Oxymoronic implications of the Logo, the sub heading on the logo is ‘An NCIRS Collaboration’ – What, with the PRO Vaxx Lobby? OR is it NCRIS -THE SAME ‘COLLABORATIVE’ Cabal operations 1 Acronym ‘Unit’ apparently is ‘Surveillance’, the other Acronym ‘Unit’ is ‘Strategic’. Apart from the ‘Confusion factor – Purposeful I’m SURE, they Both appear to be Riding the same horse! WHERE are the ‘Stewards’ when you need them? OOPS, looks like the ‘Bookies’ have just slipped some brown paper bags to the Stewards, & THE VETS!
    Other; I saw a group of kids just recently, approximately 15 in number, Est. 5 – 6 Yr Olds, sitting OUTSIDE of a shop on the Pathway, 2 plus teachers, @ Noon or there abouts. Beautiful day, ALL being Preprogrammed by wearing ‘Insidious Masks Regimen’ = CHILD ABUSE! These poor little innocent New Beings @ RISK already by the Local Gangsters Impositions, Sponsored by the Global Predators, &, With, Domestic indoctrination by Parental, Media Fodder Devourers! –
    AWAKE (NOT WOKE), Parents / Guardians Excluded – OF COURSE!

    AND SO! It’s a WEF Win Winnie situation, so ‘Saddle Up’ Fodder eaters, grab a Beer from the Fridge, a Packet of Smith’s crisps ( I don’t think they’ve got Equine Anthrax flavour – Just yet), Ya Mates, A ‘Slate & Chalk’ and lets go 2022 ‘DYING Or Injured WITH the Vaxx’d Sports Stars!’
    – Mood Music please Maestro > Queen background Music of “Another one Bites the Dust!”
    – WHOA – REIGN IT IN! – Sorry! I was saving that for a Turf Meeting!
    Last; Dear Jen, I noticed your Ref to ‘Quality foods/ Immune Systems support’ (Maybe add in the Riddance of the ALL permeating Destructive Telco Systems, SO interactive with current ‘Jab Tech Payloads’ – AND an ‘UNnatural Interruption’ to the Normal Socially Interactive Fabric of things), is a Major, BUT we ‘Know’ THIS, along with ‘Independences’ of ANY kind, is NOT in the ‘Game Plan’!
    Wellness as Always. And, HI HO TRIGGER! AND AWAY!

    1. Hello You! Timing; Young G. Lyons. Yes it IS Frustrating! Balancing it ALL, without a ‘Vent’ can be AN ENERGY VAMPIRE on anyone’s Health! Any of the Arts, will be a Bonus, Relevance of Effectiveness of outgoing Energies, Colour, a favourite Beverage, ‘Queen Mab’ing’ (Merlin) THE System where possible.
      A ‘While to run yet’? Document/
      Country; World. Project Name; COVID-19 Strategic Preparedness & Response Program(SPRP)
      Project I.D; P173789. Financing Instrument; Investment Project Financing.
      Investment & Social Risk Classification; Substantial.
      Financing & Implementation Modalities; Multiphase Programmatic Approach (MPA)
      Expected Project Approval Date; 02/April 2020.
      Expected Project / program Closing Date; 31/ March 2025.
      Bank/ IFC collaboration.
      Happy Days! SCREW Their ‘Game Plan’! I doubt that they could run a Bloody school tuck shop!
      “In the Year 2025, IF Man is still alive, if woman can survive – ”
      – Now where have I stashed that nice Merlot? &, me Thinks I’ll break out my Mongoose Costume (Already comes with a Venetian mask – SOo ahead of their times), & wait!
      Danse Macabre, Saint -Sae’ns. When you’re ready, If you Please Camille?
      Wellness to All

  5. I have been researching the issue of vaccines since 2007 and, one by one, the evidence proved them all to be a fraud; albeit, a toxic frauds.

    The joke is, people my age used to sit exams on public health as a part of our career training and the decline of various diseases was attributed measurably, to sewerage systems (1880s), then fresh water reticulation, improved housing, better nutrition, the urban elimination of fleas, public health education, the discovery of penicillin, the invention of other antibiotics, recognition of nutrient deficiencies, including trace elements, and the elimination of poverty, especially in countries like Australia. Vaccines were never mentioned because there was no such correlation.

    Then, from 1973, came this absurd claim that vaccines were the hero. Pure fabrication.

    I also noted another series of correlations. The first major public vaccination programme (after the failed small pox campaigns), was in 1934, the same year that autism was identified. Since then autism has struck at the same rate as vaccinations.

    In 1970, 1 in 10,000 kids were struck with autism. Today it is one in 53.

    I noted that unvaccinated children are more healthy, more vibrant, and developmentally advanced than vaccinated kids. Concomitantly, I noted that 80% to 93% of kids who were victims of whooping cough and mumps outbreaks in California, were already fully vaccinated. The vaccinations do not work, but they do injure.

    I also noted the dozen or so dangerous adjuvents added to vaccines have never been cleared for safety, even in doses many times lower than in vaccines.

    The conclusion that injury and murder were deliberate components of the jab regimes was coupled with Bill Gates 2007 boast on video that his vaccinations would eliminate 80% of the world’s population.

    Knowing back then what we were in for did not help. Few people were willing to consider the evidence. They are paying for that foolishness now.

    1. I’ve been researching vaccines since my daughter was born in 1997 and I came up with the exact same results Tony. It’s good to see someone else who’s investigated these poisons and found the truth of this evil atrocity on the people.
      Thank you for posting this mate!

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