September 25, 2023

4 thoughts on “Exposed: Australia’s Role in the American Quest to Weaponise Space

    Back, ‘Whenever’, U.S. ‘Space Command’, wanted ‘Unilateral Control’ of ‘Space’ by 2020, in DIRECT VIOLATION of U.N. Charters on ‘Arming Space!’
    I guess After watching TOO MUCH ‘Thunderbirds’ episodes, & USING TOO many ‘Confiscated’ Mind Altering Substances, WARPED whatever Neural processes STILL FUNCTIONING in Neural ‘Space’! Guess they must’ve overlooked ‘Brain.’
    News Flash; SPACE COMMAND, ‘Believes’ Star Wars was Real, & Darth Vader was more than an “industry Respirator Advertisement!’ Looking @ Sueing ‘Lucas Films’ on Consistantly Fooling SPACE COMMAND on Successive Episodes, as a Basis of ‘Reality!’ Chief Director of SPACE COMMAND ; Brigadier General Roger Ramjet interfaced with News Group ‘Bogus Military Now’, thru their Affiliate ‘ICARUS’ Near SUN Media, Stated “I’m NOT a Cartoon Character! This is SeriArse! Our Brand New Bespoke Wax, Paper, Raffia Missile Defence Systems are, are, UM, are ‘SPECIAL!’ Secret Special, made in, um, AH! P.R.C.!! WE, Have Connections, & P.R.C stands for UM, Provincial Retaliatory Circum something! But IT’S ‘Cutting Edge! Did we mention BESPOKE! That’s Gotta Count for Some Thing!”
    Other News; Biden in Bidin’ to PURCHASE PROGRAM, to Return United States to NON Space ‘Reality’ Scenario, of ACTUAL EXISTENCE. Still ‘DOWN TO EARTH’, Systems ‘Up for Tender’, AND Successful ‘Bidder’, will have to explain, as Part of Contract, to Administration, what ‘Earth’ means in documents & ‘Actuals!’
    Other News; V.P. – K.Harris set to be Circumcised to Fit in with ‘Boys Club!’
    Other News; Secretary of Defence, L.A. 3, set to Become DEFCON 1 Front line NEW AGE Missile Defence SHIELD (NOT to be mixed up with Capt. America ALT. Defence Agency! ‘Hydra’ – NOT available for ‘Comment!’) Over Washington, by Being FED (Not Currency) Exponential Big Macs on NEO Corporate ‘Float’less’ CO OPERATIONS, Because of BI CO2 Exhaust Enviro/ Defence Policy OffGas Regime, Requiring L.A 3, to put his ‘ARSE’ on the Line (ACTUAL). Current AS- ‘Anchoring Station’- AT DEFCON 1 = White House Front Lawn. DEFCON 5-2, Front of PENTAGON CANTEEN (Darth, Your Safe Mate on Copyright!)
    In Associate News; AS for ‘Outcomes’, SELF inflating Marquee over White House/ Senate with Current ‘Inflations’ over Talks & ‘Value of U.S. Dodgey Dollar’, & ‘Diversions’ on ANOTHER Global BANK ORGANISED Global Conflict (Russia, China, Anyone, Everyone, A Cat called Felix who ‘Busted a Move on ‘Willow’ @ White House ‘After Hours’ on the Front Lawn!),
    Erecters of Marquee, reckon it’ll be full of Hot air, in less than Half an Hour! On the ground military Stratagists say, ‘It’s a Good Ploy! With all the Excessive Hot Air, ANY, Weapon Thermal Guidance, WILL be Confused by such an Enormous Heat Signature, & just explode Via
    ‘Bizarre Interfacing Group Direct Isolative Central Kinetics Systems’, or Via SPACE COMMAND offshute Military Group NEUTERED (NeoEthericUnitedTechnologiesEngineerRoutedEnergyDirectorate} Agency Easy Speak ‘described’ as ; BIG DICKS.
    Of Course SPACE COMMAND U.S. Could Neither ‘Confirm Nor Deny’, the ‘BIG DICKS’ program, AND, OR, the Integrations or Effect on Their Policies or LATENT SPACE TECHNOLOGIES Systems under their CLOWNS program (Covid Lurking Orbital Wankers Nulification Server), which leaves us ALL in the Dark, UNLESS, according to Commander Roger Ramjet, we visit “The Opposite side of MOONING!” I’m Sure That’s what HE said!

  2. Well, an exciting rendering by young John Dawe, of who is filling the Space,void
    and the nomenclature of the eer; bodies involved, a very seriarse situation,
    In the current Promissory Note Economic Culture (PNEC) ; that now pervades ,
    the low orbit boundaries of the Earh; With, every Syn- o – nym , in the order of
    Meritocracy, wanting, groundfloor investment in the surveillance stuff, treaties,
    hardware, and mine is bigger than yours, and these missiles are now my missiles,
    and with Japan taking each way bets with Russia:
    The business prospectus is booming, hidden behind the security fence of weaponized Space Force and the Military Industrial (World) Complex, which in
    the Ramjet papers, describes the booty, sorry bounty, objectives and the projected
    Land values, well I mean if the Earthlings are not going to own it, then a new,
    Alien threat, must be found: to drive up, the anxiety and invigorate the competition,
    so the land prices collapse, and the Syn- o- nym of (PNEC) , can make a killing;
    We, of the SJIS; Space Junk Industrial Solutions; have made huge inroads: (sic)
    with negotiations with the Blue Canary Pilion Corporations: a conglomerate of
    Off World Investment interests, who are gratified that all the Earth weapons,
    are in fact pointing at Earth, which they find , somewhat curious, they are more
    concerned, about the indigenous lifeforms, which are under threat, from the
    Total proliferation of waste and the considerable pollution of the sanctity of
    Space, BCPC, have made throughout the known Universe; a reputation of
    Excellence, in Space Environmental Management, and have at their disposal,
    a vast array of measures of control; not to be confused as weapons, which is
    the creation of Hollywood:
    The projected configuration of the current problem; in the near Space environment,
    is that any major disturbance, in the navigational and or displacement, of the
    careening orbital mass, of transferred Earth Resources, as having catastrophic
    implications on the future development management of the Earth, along with
    the current build up of unresolved energies, such as Plasma, and the G.M.F.
    Geomagnetic Field indices.
    With the current economic criterion, of the Earth, internalised with on Earth control
    measures, with all technologies, centred around, orbital oversight, as to who has
    best method, is but a smokescreen of the Military Industrial (World) Complex;
    and the Drug Dealers of Dependence , of Species Denial and Alteration; Clique,
    However, for the new investor, BCPC; Do how ever , offer a complete and comprehensive service, in pest control; and clean up:
    We, at SJIS can provide all potential investors information as required:
    Oh, and by the way, Ramjet, is Cartoon and like Musk, is Fake:!!!

    1. After ALL that NA NOO NA NOO Information, My ‘Head is in a Spiral G’ Force’ Situation!’
      WAIT! YOU, are TELLING ME, ‘RAMJET, – IS A FAKE?’ My World collapses beneath My feet!
      & I’ve just signed up to become a Middle Aged MUSKateer! – Another FAKE? I thought something smelled OFF! (Must have picked up the can of ‘Rutting’ MUSK!) Oh Dear!
      ‘Investors’ BCPC’, I think I knew their previous Parent Company PCBs, & their FULL ‘Relationship’ to the Past TOXIC tech of COMIC (Corporate Organised Military Industrial Complex).
      As for Plasma & GMF, there have been Serious ‘Concerns’ from THE U.S. Navy & Others(Not that I trust this Group), but their ‘Involvement’ in all sorts of Experimental Etheric Devices, including ‘ALL Points Electrical’ Nuclear & NON, [Electrical phase Fields (Electrical Refracturing/Spectrum Sciences/ rail Guns/ Various ‘Comm Systems[Surface, Subsurface, Atmospherics, Space]’/ Scalar Systems/ Plasma ‘enhancement- Altered States’/ E generation & a Plethora of Experimental ‘Captured’ 3rd Reich SS E IV ‘Tech’, & ‘Interactives’ previously with Antarctic Base 211 ‘Presences’], When ‘This Group’ raises SERIOUS Concerns on Generational Telco Technologies (5G Etc.), I’d be taking a ‘Step Back’ & Checking REALITY OPTIONS! Especially when they are Talking about possible Earth ‘Polarity anomolies & Interferences!!’ Sorry! ‘REALITY.’ = (OMG Just Shoot Me! LOL!)
      Can I just say NO Promissory Notes were ‘Exchanged, Created, Counterfeited, destroyed, or left in a brown paper bag, near the Parliamentary Canteen, behind the Geranium flower box!’ It was ALL paid for online, thru a heavily encrypted Gnome of Zurich ‘Digital Special Fund!’ Apparently the current ‘FRAUGHT’ (Favoured Rates Authorised Underhand Governments Hired Terms) with NO Danger or Tracing systems!

      THE ALIENS SPEAK; in a Special ‘Exclusive’ (AGAIN) Interview, our Special ‘Independent’ (LOL -Where?) reporter working for Some Bullshit Services who we’ll just call ‘Blue Book’, has managed to track down a Person, who saw another Person, that may or May Not have spoken to an E.T., who Found a Note, saying that, Quote;
      The ‘E.T Actor’ in ‘PAUL’ – the Movie, was a Fraud! ALL of the ‘Off World People’, are generally called BRAD! Even the Female of their Species! Apparently, They, the ‘Off Worlders’, Don’t have a, ‘Quote’ – ‘DUMBARSE United Nations ‘Purchased’ CABAL, telling them that there’s NO, or CAN NOT SAY, there is NO Differences between Sexes, & ‘THEY’ do not have to go to UNI, to Observe this! = #%@#!*&% ‘UNIsex!
      THE E.Ts, also Explained, that Blaming ‘Them’ for Travelling a Gazzillion Light Years across the Universe ‘Just to Eat Ya’, was MAX Ludacris, & NOT a ‘REferral’ to ANY U.S. President OR
      C.B. Bridges, OR ‘Doubling Down’ on Ferals! & ‘Crop Circles’ were Nature Interactive Graffiti, mostly organised by the Intergalactic Organic ‘Signs’ Group – BRAD Banksy, without Input from Mel Gibson or Joaquin Phoenix ‘Over Dramatisation!’
      THEY, also want to disclaim, ANY references, that NORAD or Combo U.S. Agencies/ C.O.M.I.C Intelligence Services, HAD, approached, Close Encountered E.Ts (BRADS), to ‘TAKE THE RAP’, for Sept 11 2001 Twin Towers – AS, An ALTERNATE ‘Back Up’ Scenario, If THE Public At Large ‘DIDN’T SWALLOW’, Human Terrorist Aircraft Hijacking /Building Demolition ‘Official Narrative!’

      Good Work young John!
      Roger Ramjet. A FAKE? DAMN IT!
      I suppose this means THE American Eagles, are now Leaderless, directionless & Cartoon Delinquents. Or was that the Administrations?
      Japan would get a ‘Better Deal’ (U.S. is trading Insolvent’ & ‘Down an EVER deepening Hole) siding with Russia, even after Nippon /Russo conflicts over Manchuria/Korea (1904-5), Finacially/ Security wise. & at least THE Russkies DIDN’T drop 2 Nukes on them – Japan!
      Russians/ China/ Iran have a ‘Trade Pact’, & Russia, because of Previous U.S. Sanctions, Now has Independent Stable Financial, Military, Tech, Science, Agri, Resources base!

      1. Sorry! ‘Alien / E.T.’ Designated – BRAD = for Bespoke Reactive Anatomical Design!
        (‘Variants’ Not Inclusive!)
        Study of ‘Human’ form, Aliens have related, that ‘They’ receive a lot of
        ‘Independent Advice’ on ‘Study of THE Species’ via ‘REAL SCIENCE’ Platform George Carlin ‘Institute’. Unfortunately ‘This Study Group’, ceased on 22/06/2008!
        Along with MORK from ORK (11/08/2014)! WE Miss You Guys!

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