Brisbane Freedom Festival: A day of action in the face of segregation

Queensland residents have responded to the introduction of new restrictions by holding a massive family-friendly freedom festival in South Brisbane.

The People’s Revolution will not be televised.

Freedom is not something the government can determine, according to tens of thousands that attended recent events in Brisbane.

Huge crowds converged on the centre of South Brisbane to stand against new draconian restrictions introduced across the state, including the banning of unvaccinated individuals from pubs, clubs, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and more.

Hosted by The People’s Revolution, a family-friendly festival and march was held, with a specific focus on the path ahead and building grassroots alternative communities

Check out our exclusive report from the day:

For other capital cities, see here.


In our November piece, Medical fascists turn attention to the heart of pro-choice movement, we spoke on new announcements by the Queensland government to introduce a range of restrictions for unvaccinated persons moving forward across the state.

From December 17th, Queenslanders who are not fully vaccinated would be banned from entering a range of public and government venues, including not being able to attend outdoor festivals.

So what did freedom campaigners in Brisbane do?

They decided to hold an outdoor freedom festival just one day after the new restrictions were introduced and also on the day Queensland’s mask mandate came into force.

Over 75,000 gathered to oppose segregation, coercive mandates, child vaccine pushes and more.


The crowd gathered at Musgrave Park, a traditional land of indigenous communities in the area; a place that has seen many social actions take place. It was held with blessings of local elders.

A large stage had been erected at one end of the park, and an extended welcome to country was performed — before a speaker encouraged the crowd to stay firm in their opposition.

“The Queensland government says unvaccinated cannot attend outdoor festivals. So, today, we’re having an outdoor music festival!”, said Triccy Triddy, organiser of the event.

“Come and stop us Annastacia! You can’t because we are the people and we have the power!”
“We Are The People! We Are The Power!”

Triccy said the gathering did not have a permit, because the park was public space and free human beings did not need one — especially with the blessing of the custodians of the land.

The main gathering in the park had a laid-back atmosphere, with music playing and many people bringing their children. Playgrounds were full and activities were available for families:

After a few speeches, crowds took to the streets to have their voices heard throughout Brisbane.



Crowds could be seen wrapping around multiple streets, as tens of thousands took a new route through West End and towards the South Brisbane central district.

Crowds chanted “We Are One”, “Reject Apartheid” and more, while a range of pro-choice and anti-tyranny signs could be seen through the wave of people.

Business owners and patrons looked on at the huge crowd, with many West End venues empty of close-to-empty given the new restrictions imposed in Queensland.

Brisbane was ROCKING. It would have been hard to not hear this march from a mile away.


Throughout the demonstration, some bystanders waved flags and held signs up to support the rally, as crowds continued their march through city streets.


A the tail end of the rally, crowds funnelled past South Brisbane station towards popular bars and clubs in the area, with patrons looking on at their segregated brothers and sisters.


Channel 7 claimed only 2,000 people attended, while police estimate the crowd size was 10,000.

Drone footage from the event may paint a completely different picture to this, with crowds seen filling multiple streets throughout the city on their journey. Take a look and judge for yourself:

TOTT News estimates over 75,000 people were actually present at the event.


Following the march, it was time to celebrate and reflect on yet another year defending freedom.

Portions of the crowd stuck behind for festivities, including live performances, dancing, and an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals.

Now THIS is how you do a freedom celebration!

Small groups stayed later into the night, with energy high until performances wrapped up at 9pm.

The focus of this event was solely around connecting with each other moving forward, including the necessity to stick together as the world continues through uncharted waters.


The People’s Revolution have launched TRP Connect at the event, giving those in the community and opportunity to come together and build lasting networks with each other.

Similar to our TOTT Guard vision, set to have our first QLD workshop soon, this group hopes to link school groups, business leaders, community organisations and more.

If you are in Queensland and would like to get involved with this initiative, follow the links below to express your interest in future meetings that will be held:


TPR say they are more focused than ever to present a genuine alternative option for those being blacklisted and discriminated against for their personal medical viewpoints.

It is no doubt that QLD will be back for more events in 2022, as Australia stares down the barrel of even more virus hysteria in the Orwellian perpetual war against the invisible enemy.

As always, TOTT News will be here to bring you all the latest developments.

Note: On a final note, special credit should be given to the Queensland Police Service for their efforts to assist the event without disruptions and issues. Well done to all parties involved.

E. Nash




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  1. Thank you so much for that great coverage Ethan. The drone footage was extremely moving and had me in tears seeing so many good people. This has given me hope for our future.
    Love to all you good people!

    1. I second that, Shane! Great to have this to look back on, and remember what a fantastic festival it was – the biggest and best yet for The People’s Revolution. Top marks to Triccy – a real freedom warrior, and he knows how to organize an event.

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