October 1, 2023

18 thoughts on “Man denied entry to major stores as jab segregation hits Victorian retail | Video

  1. The time for peaceful protest is over! Time for millions of us to arm ourselves with whatever we can use and physically take our government out!
    This is NOT going to stop unless we do!

  2. Okay than, let’s take a look what the privacy act 1988 (which is commonwealth legislation btw) has to say about these directives, particularly section 16b:

    (1) A permitted health situation exists in relation to the collection by an organisation of health information about an individual if:

    (a) the information is necessary to provide a health service to the individual; and

    (b) either:

    (i) the collection is required or authorised by or under an Australian law (other than this Act); or

    (ii) the information is collected in accordance with rules established by competent health or medical bodies that deal with obligations of professional confidentiality which bind the organisation.

    And lets take a look at what the definition of organisation under the act:


    What is an organisation ?

    (1) In this Act:

    “organisation” means:

    (a) an individual; or

    (b) a body corporate; or

    (c) a partnership; or

    (d) any other unincorporated association; or

    (e) a trust;

    that is not a small business operator, a registered political party, an agency, a State or Territory authority or a prescribed instrumentality of a State or Territory.

    So if you are just walking into Bunnings or Big W or whatever, clearly they are not offering you health service at that point in time. So I would be asking whoever is police this, where do you get the right to request a person to disclose their personal private medical details and would this this information be necessary to provide a health service.

  3. I haven’t shopped in Bunnings or Big W for months and I will never shop there again. The same applies to any other companies or stores who have complied with the State government directives. I shall be looking for small businesses to supply my (reduced) needs.

    1. Good luck with finding a small hardware business, as they were wiped out by the likes of Bunnings and Mitre10.
      When the people finally snap and riot these big companies will be burnt to the ground. They’ll regret their actions then!

    2. DITTO! SUCK your Money out of the Major Banks, Relocate/ Withdraw your Wallet support for ;
      ;Over Priced Private Medical Insurance systems,[You probably can’t get in Anyway, with all the ‘Vaxx’ Injured being passed off ‘Medical Cases’ ; ‘Hospital Code Black’s – How ‘LONG’ is that Sustainable’?].
      ;Simplify General Insurances (Wont be worth Crap in Future anyway).
      ;Larger Department Group Chains, especially the ones requiring their Staff get Vaxxed (How many of the CEOs are Jabbed?)
      ;MS & Social Media Platform support & Merchandising, E [Web/ Computer Systems] & Print [& Sadly including their Book stores]. TOO BAD.
      ;Restaurants & General Food outlets – Find out the Latent ownership of small stores & see if ;Larger Groups own them thru the back door. Lot healthier Eating away from these Anyway.
      ;Stop ‘Donating’ to Groups like WWF & Docs San Frontiers – ALL ‘Fronts’ for Wall St, Keep Charities ‘Known & Local!’

      LEAN ON the Barstards WHO ORGANISED YOUR/ MY current ‘Conditions’, Including (NOT) MYGov!
      Start your OWN Networks. Disenfranchised Medics & Others, Group Form/ Endorse NEW Boards, Untainted by Medical/ Pharma Gangsters & Complicit Technocrat Toadies (Genesis Time).
      Support Small local business & freelancers. (Provided they aren’t Mimicking Corp Pratts).
      Salvage Components & Materials [Like the Old Days]! Barter.
      Consolidate expenditure, SQUEEZE THE BARSTARDS! = Yeah, I lost My job as Well – Clean Blood STILL! YAY! STILL Got my MAIN TREASURE – HEALTH!
      OH! And be Well!

  4. Good comments again. We are seeing the manifestation, indeed the very definition, of fascism here: governments in league with corporates against the people…must be squashed.

  5. If everyone and I mean everyone jacked up and didn’t buy from the likes of Bunnings and Kmart for a week they would start to get the message. But while people continue to participate in discrimination things won’t change.

    1. Don’t worry Bunning’s are feeling the pinch…both their Trade and Retail sales have dropped and their vaccinated workforce are fairly well zombified. And of course they are slowly running out of stock and complete product lines.

      1. Violins for Bunnings. People are also struggling to get tradies to do their jobs. We cannot continue to function likes this. If (hopefully when) the tide turns there will be a resurgence of smaller, more customer focussed businesses

  6. Wait a minute! So during the whole flatten the curb BS these businesses were classified essential services and remained open while small retailers were forced to close, but now they are classified as non essential….um please explain??

  7. I was unaware of the restrictions for the unvaccinated until I needed a part for my washing machine and decided a trip to Bunnings was needed. As I was about to enter the building my progress was quickly halted by a hand coming down in from of me like a railway crossing boom-gate. At this point I was asked for my double vaccination status. It was a complete shock as I had no warning. It felt like I had been ordered to pull down my trousers and underwear, bend over and show the man that I had wiped my bottom, after which it seemed that I had not sufficiently taken care of my private ablutions and consequently refused entry to the hardware store. From here, and for the next 30 minutes or so, I was actually in shock and couldn’t think straight; all I wanted was get as far away as possible.

    Once I had composed myself, however, I thought I’d check-out any other stores to see whether this restriction was town-wide. My easy going ‘she’ll be right outlook’ was soon dashed as window upon window displayed a sign prohibiting anyone who dared not be be vaccinated. From here my concern started to escalate for fear I wouldn’t be able to buy groceries or visit the post-office or bank, but felt some relief when I didn’t see any of the no-entry signs on any of the latter mentioned buildings. Pheww!

    Some later research discovered that the unvaccinated are allowed to enter ‘essential’ stores, and yet according to a NSW health website hardware stores are indeed listed under essential stores….go figure.


  8. I am unable to do any photocopy. printing .buy any hardware or garden goods. I cant even use the toilet in the library. I can’t go into any computer shops. any Opp shops. Big W or K Mart or Bunnings. I am being treated like a leper every where. I am banned from Office works, so I cant buy stationary or get printing done I cant buy my kids presents at Big W. I cant sit and have a coffee. Neighbour hood and community centres are NOT ALLOWED to let unvaccinated people inside. I cant do any of my hobbies. I have had big arguements at the different shops but they will not let me in.This worse than house arrest. I’m not anti-vax I wont vax due to severe medical impairment I’m not antivax .GOD SAVE AUSTRALIA. We got what “THEY” Voted for he past 80 years liberal and labour killer jabbers . I am 79 year old.

  9. I am so sorry to hear the horrible news coming out of Australia. This has not happened all over the USA so far, but I suspect it will be pushed further. Europe is having a bad time as well.
    I have heard there are 325,000,000 guns in America, and I thank God for them.
    The only thing that saves us…will be us.

    1. You’re so right MAMAJ. This is our responsibility to stand up to tyranny and fight our own battles, not God’s.

  10. I have attached a copy of 1 email which I have used on many occasions due to ‘no entrance’ into businesses.
    This works, I waited for at least 1 month before I entered the first business who denied me entry, if I was denied entry I would have alerted GEF, anyway the business allowed me entry, I was not asked to sign, wear a mask and there was no mention in regards to having the the Jab. For each business who denies you entry receive the email below.


    Thank you for reporting.

    They will be sent the below email as a warning, and if they persist with there behaviour, then let us know and they can be investigated.

    Yours Sincerely
    Compliance Department
    Global Economic Forum


    Sent below Warning to Business:

    Dear ???????

    Warning – Legal Action Pending.
    Your business has been reported for discrimination against the unvaccinated.

    To whom it may concern

    Your business has been reported to the Global Economic Forum as actively supporting the Covid fraud and insisting individuals must partake in a rushed to market, unnecessary, ineffective, unproven, untested, dangerous and deadly experimental drug disguised as a vaccine and participate in this Global Medical Experiment.

    Global Economic Forum was founded by the people for the people. A not for profit foundation to compete against the corrupted World Economic Forum that’s pushing the deadly and dangerous totalitarian “Great Reset“ by pushing the Covid fraud and its deadly agendas.

    The Global Economic Forum supports the “Great Awakening“ not the “Great Reset“ and aims to empower a whole new world initiative of businesses and ecosystems for those entrepreneurs and global citizens that refuse to accept or participate in the Covid fraud.

    It will support new institutions and new opportunities and new systems to support a new world initiative for the people by the people.

    This is a warning letter only.
    If you confirm back to the Head Of Compliance Department, within 21 days that you will cease this practice of discrimination, and abuse of human rights, and civil liberties, then you will avoid the following.

    Potential Class action against your business, and also Senior Executives, and the Owners, within the business.

    You will also avoid being added to a public, naming and shaming list, and a concerted campaign to have consumers ban your business, and switch their spending to alternatives.

    We reserve the right to report you to the Human Rights Commission as well.

    Also under work practices act, as an employer, you are required to provide a safe working environment for your employees and customers.

    As those vaccinated by the experimental drug , can cause injury and death to other by shedding the spike proteins to innocent people around them, then by allowing vaccinated employees, or customers, into your business,you can also be pursued legally.

    You should seek independent legal advise on your current practices.

    Note, at this time, this is a warning notice only.

    If you fail to respond with a confirmation of non discrimination against the unvaccinated, and failure to provide a safe working environment, then you will be added to a class action, and a public naming and shaming campaign, without further notice.

    Yours Sincerely

    Compliance Department
    Global Economic Forum

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