December 1, 2023

4 thoughts on “Opioid Crisis: How FDA regulation failures allowed it to happen

  1. The FDA much like the TGA here in Australia is pretty much just a drug company that works for big pharma and has no interest in protecting the public’s health!

  2. No one overdoses on purpose – it happens because there is no regulation (which is impossible under a prohibition regime.) Also notice how alcohol & opioid use increased after prohibition was enacted. So did overdose deaths. But in either case, it is inherently dishonest to pretend that all use is abuse, and millions suffer with severe chronic pain because they can no longer obtain adequate treatment under this fascist regulatory regime. That is why they go to the black market. Never mind that the federal government has no lawful authority to regulate medicine (read the tenth amendment to the federal constitution) …if all men have equal rights, then no man has a right to dictate the medical needs of another. When you cannot purchase medicine without obtaining permission from a physician & politician, “doctor” becomes a title of nobility (which is forbidden by the supreme law of the land.) In other words, the government has been hijacked by outlaws.

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