Freedom protests: Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, others – march in solidarity

Thousands of Australians have marched in solidarity with locked down states of the country, calling for an end to the COVID-19 dystopia.


The noon protest was organised by groups of freedom fighters as part of a ‘nationwide rally for freedom, peace and human rights’. It is the same group behind July’s major protest.

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See Melbourne and Sydney coverage here.


Thousands of protesters have once again gathered in the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens to protest COVID-19 to protest the ongoing narrative in the state.

To begin, the crowd connected for an opening ceremony and speeches from speakers on the stage. A number of posters and placards could be seen covering the park:

The group also held a number of signs which read: “end the lockdowns, open borders” and “Don’t believe the Covid-19 hoax pandemic”.

A banner was being flown by a plane above Brisbane with the words “LOCKDOWN INSANITY = CHILD ABUSE”.

Protesters would soon pass Queensland Parliament to begin their march, shouting ‘freedom’ in the direction of the building, before descending through the Brisbane streets:

The streets were full for as far as the eye could see. Brisbane typically has very large turnouts, due to a rich activist network across the state. Let’s not forget that extended restrictions haven’t ever lasted too long in Queensland, yet thousands turn out every time. Another strong showing.


Powerful scenes under the protection of the sovereign tribal people:


Adelaide was also out in force, with protesters marching down North Terrace, calling for an end to lockdowns and COVID vaccinations and declaring they want freedom.

Roughly 5,000 freedom fighters made their way through the CBD today. This time last month, the region of Adelaide was in harsh lockdown for protests – forcing them to car pool after speeches.

Today, without a cloud in the sky, the Adelaide people were on foot with a purpose!



Protesters gathered for an anti-lockdown protest at the Kings Park war memorial.

While there are few restrictions in WA and the media pleading with activists to reconsider, the rally went ahead this afternoon.

Protesters, flanked by police officers, are carrying signs denouncing lockdown measures and slamming Premier Mark McGowan and his hardline approach to lockdowns and State borders.

Campaigners were heard chanting “do not comply” and “the media is the virus”, while children scampered around protesters carrying anti-vax placards.

Angry demonstrators chanted “tell the truth” after a speaker pointed out a Channel 7 journalist reporting on the rally.

An American Vietnam veteran wearing a sign saying “no forced vax” said he attended the rally to stand up for freedom.

After listening to speakers rallying against lockdowns and arguing COVID-19 was not a deadly disease, the protesters marched downhill to the CBD.



Protesters have also gathered in Darwin, Townsville and other regions.

Other locations are being added.

Our Brisbane YouTube upload delayed some time. Check back in.

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3 comments on “Freedom protests: Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, others – march in solidarity”

  1. The sight of young kids in shops in SA where there is nothing being forced to wear face nappies is breaking this old broads heart

  2. Nice report, Ethan. The Adelaide rally was spirited and I estimate 3500 – 4000 strong. I had an interview with ABC reporter Eric Tlosek last Thursday, resulting in an article on the ABC’s website on Saturday, titled “Accelerating rise of conspiracy movements in Australia”. My photo shows the article from the Kiwi “Real News” journal titled “10 things we have learned during the Covid coup”. Anyone who wants to follow this up will be led to the list, eg on Mike Adams’s “Natural News”. Thus it appears that I have achieved the impossible: got the ABC to spread some truth about the coronahoax. Eric was at yesterday’s rally and would surely have been impressed with the spirit and intelligence of the speakers and marchers.

    #6 on the list is my favourite:

    “Most people in our society are cowards. They will jettison all the fine values and principles which they have been loudly boasting about all their lives merely to avoid the slightest chance of public criticism, inconvenience or even minor financial loss.” I’m sure we all know plenty of folk like that.

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