December 6, 2023

3 thoughts on “Freedom protests: Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, others – march in solidarity

  1. The sight of young kids in shops in SA where there is nothing being forced to wear face nappies is breaking this old broads heart

  2. Nice report, Ethan. The Adelaide rally was spirited and I estimate 3500 – 4000 strong. I had an interview with ABC reporter Eric Tlosek last Thursday, resulting in an article on the ABC’s website on Saturday, titled “Accelerating rise of conspiracy movements in Australia”. My photo shows the article from the Kiwi “Real News” journal titled “10 things we have learned during the Covid coup”. Anyone who wants to follow this up will be led to the list, eg on Mike Adams’s “Natural News”. Thus it appears that I have achieved the impossible: got the ABC to spread some truth about the coronahoax. Eric was at yesterday’s rally and would surely have been impressed with the spirit and intelligence of the speakers and marchers.

    #6 on the list is my favourite:

    “Most people in our society are cowards. They will jettison all the fine values and principles which they have been loudly boasting about all their lives merely to avoid the slightest chance of public criticism, inconvenience or even minor financial loss.” I’m sure we all know plenty of folk like that.

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