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Australia’s Struggle for Freedom | New Dawn #190

The tradition of protesting in Australia is older than the federated country itself, and has once again become a spark of life in the dystopian ‘new normal’ era.

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Corona and the Mark of the Beast: Are we witnessing prophecy?

Medical authoritarianism by unelected bureaucrats and the targeting of dissent by international cyber-monitors has reached unprecedented heights during the COVID-19 saga.

The path from here seems to grow clearer with each passing day, as the prophecies of The Book of Revelation and the ‘Mark of the Beast’ leap off the page as never before.


Secret State Uncovered: The Monitoring of Australia

In the years since September 11th, Australia has experienced significant shifts in traditional legal frameworks, with ‘hyper-legislative’ responses to the ‘war on terror’ only the beginning.

Through the interplay between law and order policy platforms, our country has witnessed a multi-dimensional normalisation of mass surveillance in new contexts.



Australia & New Zealand: Test Ground for Techno-Fascism

Mid-20th century fascism was woefully limited in its capacities and reach. The new technocratic-fascism, however, arrives at the new golden dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, ready to extract the population for all the bio-capital information it can.

It is imperative that people learn to tenaciously fight to defend fundamental freedoms like speech and religion, association, privacy, self-defence and refusal of medical treatment.