Protesters gather in Brisbane in opposition to geoengineering


Photo: An powerful message demonstrating the effects of Geoengineering.

Protesters gathered at King George Square yesterday in opposition to Geoengineering, a global effort by international scientific and government organisations to combat ‘climate change’ by manipulating the environment and weather.

A sea of confronting imagery, detailed information and concerned citizens were the center of attention under the Brisbane sun, as the rally was held in alignment with a global day of action.

Ethan Nash from TOTT News was at the event, and asked the individuals why they were there and what the desired outcome of their actions would be.


For those unaware of what Geoengineering exactly is, in common terms (according to the Australian Government, it is “…an attempt to combat global warming independently of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from human activities.”

Essentially, Geoengineering is the notion that humans can artificially moderate the Earth’s climate, allowing us to control temperature, and thereby avoiding the negative impacts of climate change. This is done under two main premises: CO2 and Solar radiation management. This includes, but is not limited to: Chemtrails or Stratospheric Aerosol spraying, Cloud Seeding and the creation/manipulation of an artificial nature (trees, etc).

Currently, Government programs are publicly available to view, as discussions have been on-going for a number of years now – although not much information on how the plans are implemented on a physical level is known at this point.  This includes Australia, where weather manipulation is well documented in the modern history of our nation.

This is evident prominently in Brisbane, as the Bligh government is on record purchasing rain making programs from the Thai government. According to the Sydney Morning Herald in 2008, “The Queensland government’s access to the rain-making technology, developed by King Bhumipol over the past 30 years, came a year after the state approached the royal household last year … In the past, Australia had joined other nations requesting information exchange and technology on the technique.”

Although Geoengineering is currently active on our home shores, it is far from limited to Australia. In fact, it originated overseas and has made its way down under primarily within the last decade. An international program developed by special interests under secret circumstances is currently being initiated all over the globe – even getting approval from the IPCC in a recent climate change report. Such plans include the spraying of aluminum and barium particles into the air to combat growing sun rays and atmospheric activity, and also a number of other methods in relation to ‘overcoming’ a global warming situation.

Amongst these programs, the latest example of man-made weather manipulation was reported at the beginning of this week. According to TIME, in January, Scientists working for the United Arab Emirates government successfully created 52 artificial rain storms in Abu Dhabi Desert, as part of an $11 million project to bring rain to a part of the world that had been void of it.

According to the article, the scientists “…put steel lampshade-looking ionizers in the desert to produce charged particles. The negatively charged ions rose with the hot air, attracting dust. Moisture then condensed around the dust and eventually produced a rain cloud. A bunch of rain clouds.”

Despite much support from the scientific and environmental communities, protesters painted a different point of view today in Brisbane city – expressing alarming concern of the programs and their implications on the planet.


As part of a global day of action, protesters gathered in small (but passionate) numbers yesterday at King George Square – handing out information leaflets and having discussions with local Brisbane residents about the dangers of Geoengineering.


Photo: Rallying against Geoengineering

Organiser David (Syro) Syrmis spoke to TOTT News at the event, to express his thoughts about Geoengineering and the dangers it poses to you and I.

“Our global network of sky and weather watchers have discovered that their actions are in fact not cooling the planet like they suggest it is doing”, said Syro.

“It is doing the exact opposite – it is heating our planet.”

Information leaflets and a display of anti-Geoengineering material was the center of attention, as many stopped to chat, learn and network with each other.


Many that attended the event expressed their anger towards a collective system of control that is dictating how and what is right for our environment, and also the lack of mainstream coverage of this critically important topic.

“Many good folk can’t get their head around this global weather manipulation, they just can’t possibly believe there are organisations out there that are actively modifying our weather…”

“Please, listeners and readers, research Weather Modification Incorporated and Just-Clouds.”

Future rallies will be held around the country to further oppose this global threat. For more information on how you can be involved, you can find it here:

Furthermore, you can find the organisers of the event and more information at the following link:

Note: The information within this article is a bare-minimum of examples and research. TOTT News encourages you to do your own research. You can find some links below that will assist you in this.

Photos supplied with permission from photographer.



Protest featured website:

What/Why in the World are they Spraying??

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  1. Just proves how dumb the Australian government is… the Thai rain making technology was pioneered by Trevor Constable…. who wrote a great book and suffered persecution for it and then there’s the orgone technology he developed…. and is an Aussie…. so wtf go figure….. We don’t need protests, we need to get to the dimwits who are actually making the decisions and educate them, not yell at them.

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