September 23, 2023

1 thought on “Government could allow private firms access to facial recognition data

  1. I found this on Facebook. I believe it was written by a DOCS worker.

    Project Bethlehem is a child kidnapping and trafficking operation.

    It is managed by the Australian Governor General Peter Cosgrove.

    Its Australia wide but is based in the Australia Capital Territory (Canberra) and South Australia.

    Children are kidnapped and abused by pedo’s within the states and territories of Australia, then smuggled interstate and provided to government department specialising in child protection services.

    The children are then on sold to foster care agencies

    Peter Cosgrove manages this project under Her Royal Highness (me: fucking bitch) and the project also occurs in the UK, South Africa and New Zealand.

    People serving under Peter Cosgrove are:
    Charles Thompson
    Matthew Inkleson
    Andrew Butler.

    Under this is Lady Burley Griffin

    Each Premier (state leader) in Australia is involved except for NSW.

    Politicians are paid off each month and paid a cut by the
    Department of Child Protection Services and the
    Department of Child and Social Inclusion.

    Evidence: politicians are receiving cheques directly from the departments, which are then cashed overseas.

    Politicians receiving money are:
    Jay Wetherill
    Tom Koutsatonis
    Peter Malinalskis
    Stephen Conroy
    Julia Hillard
    John Howard
    Peter Costello
    Malcolm Turnbull
    Tony Abbott
    Malcolm Fraser
    Ian Hunter MLC

    They all receive cheques each month paying them substantial amounts based on each child sold.

    Members of “The Family” Child trafficking ring are:

    Stephen Evans
    Melissa Evans
    Russell Evans
    Sandra Evans

    Gabrielle Schiemcheque?
    Stephen Humphries
    Andrew Worthington
    Melissa Giardi
    Charles Franklin
    Ian Fetridge
    Michael Hurley Senior
    Ian Hunter

    Bevan Spencer Von Einem – gaoled
    Paul Kitchener
    Mike Rann
    Julie Priest
    Natalie Simons

    Ian Weatherall
    Ian Goodings
    John Goodings
    Will Goodings
    Graeme Goodings

    People who have been killed are:

    Rob Kelvin
    Tamara Heading
    John Lomack
    Rhianna Bateau

    Apprehended by the Australian Federal Police are

    Ricardo Rodriguez and Feliez

    Which were involved in the disappearance of Maddy McCann

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