December 6, 2023

3 thoughts on “Australian mother publishes book exposing dangers of vaccines

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    ” Agnotology – or “culturally induced ignorance by the publication of inaccurate or misleading scientific data” – regarding vaccines and their pseudoscience have negatively impacted human health due to fraudulent propaganda “

  2. I was given a whooping cough injection over 3 years ago when my granddaughter was due to be born. It affected me badly and I was dizzy for several days and had several very bad falls. Spent 3 days in bed. The GP I saw after my falls said I should not have had the injection and that I was never to have another one until I had a blood test to see if I am immuned to whatever the disease is that I am required to be vaccinated for. I have suffered severely from the falls I had. I hit my head and am having problems with short term memory every day. I hurt my knee replacement and will probably have to have it re-done at some stage as it pains all the time and I have had severe pain in the left hand side of my back near my hip every single day since and x-rays are not showing anything up. So I am very angry with all this nonsense about mandatory vaccinations. Someone should have to pay for all the expenses I have incurred because of it.

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