June 3, 2023

26 thoughts on “Australian school introduces biometric identification

  1. I think the general public needs to be educated about the many problems with biometrics, and particularly about the risk of identity theft which its proponents conveniently fail to address.

    if biometrics becomes widespread it will spawn an arms race between hackers and tech companies which we already see in other areas.

    The truth is your biometric data will never be safe from hackers. There is no perfect security system, so why would you entrust this data to any third party?

    This is much worse than having your credit card stolen or your facebook account hacked. This is irreplacable data. Once it’s gone you are forever compromised.

    I think if people were more aware of how vulnerable biomtetric systems are and what that means for their own safety they would support a total ban on it.

  2. This is way beyond Orwell’s 1984, were our children are being conditioned to accept the surveillance State as normal. It’s not a far leap to where a person’s right to access services or places is controlled by access removed by a faceless, non-justice system or decision because that person doesn’t fit a pre-determined ideal of a ‘citizen’. Call it “institutionalisation” of our kids.

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