December 1, 2023

6 thoughts on “Illusion: The Psychology of War Theatre

  1. Cheers.. How do we ever really know the truth.. A world full of lies.. Most of my lifetime war has always been paired with some sort of rort BS.. Can smell it a mile away.. Wars are all fought for an agenda plain and simple.. TV lies.. Lindsey

  2. Damn fine writing mate.

    “Could war be nothing but a virtual theatre show, in which sides maneuver together in a giant game?”

    It seems when you actively pursue “truth” it becomes more and more of a game of wack a mole as you try to hammer down all the deceptions that keep popping up to take your eyes off of what matters.

    I know that seeking “the answer” is a slippery slope where you have to grasp hold of what makes sense to you and go forward with what you think you know,

    The trick is to not getting lost in an absolute belief that your ” answer” cannot be wrong but be prepared to abandon it as new knowledge comes your way.

    You really nailed it with your comment ” The production of false reality is a real kind of warfare itself ” we really are at war with the presenters of a false reality on all levels of our existence.

    That is why I find a great deal of truth in nature, you cannot hide from its reality … if you are not prepared it will kill you … no matter how much money you have in the pocket of your designer jeans, no water, no shelter and a few days in the sun you are toast.

    If you take away the weapons of mass distraction and the artificial constructs that make up the “reality” that is intended to keep the end game going in favor of the production house that is scripting it all, what will be left is a reality that is far too threatening for the majority of the masses it serves.

    Regards Russell

  3. Fascinating..! You are correct just how do we know..!

    Heading down this road can really shatter what we think is ‘ real ‘ but is necessary to discuss..!

    Our greatest enemy is the box in the corner of the room telling us what to believe..!

    A great thought above about nature..! Perhaps we all just need to take some time to ground ourselves and disconnect from all of this movie production..!

    Look forward to listen to podcast..!


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