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Analysing Mass Media: History and Agenda | Part III

The mainstream media has become a consolidated, corporate behemoth, which continues to promote an increasingly authoritarian perception of reality to the Australian people, whilst disguising the true agenda of a structured, multi-tentacle propaganda machine.

In the final installment of our series, we take a look at the history and agenda of the industry, including the development of mass communication, media moguls and personalities behind the scenes, regulations on information and simulated created reality.

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Analysing Mass Media: Globalization and Technology | Part II

Successive revolutions in technology, coupled with an emergence of new global communities, have created a rapidly evolving communication system of news and media that reflects and influences nearly every aspect of collective society today.

In the second installment of our series, we take a look at how the emergence of globalization and a rapid development of technology in the last decade have allowed news companies to consolidate information to be transmitted on a world scale.

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Analysing Mass Media: Fear and Manipulation | Part I

It has now surpassed a decade since the attacks of 9/11 transformed the world that we live in, and as a forever expanding state of paranoia emerged in the aftermath, there has seemingly been a never-ending supply of reasons to be afraid of, well, just about anything.

In the following feature piece, Ethan Nash takes a look at how the media play a central role in producing a discourse of fear, and how this has allowed the press to manipulate public opinion for many years.