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Australia to trial ‘backup’ COVID-19 vaccines

Australia cannot rely on overseas vaccines remaining effective and needs a “backup”, say authorities, who have awarded $1.6 million to a trial to fight the ‘new COVID-19 strain’.

By mid-2021, volunteers aged between 18 and 75 years will be recruited for an ‘accelerated clinical trial’ of two “next generation” vaccines, developed by the University of Melbourne.


Coronavirus vaccine unlikely to stop infection, World Health Organisation says

It’s being hailed as ‘our only way out’ of the pandemic – but the World Health Organisation has warned this week a vaccine is unlikely to stop the virus and ongoing restrictive measures.

As countries like the United States and Britain begin to roll out millions of doses to citizens, once again the narrative is being extended; engineered to take an entirely different direction.


Discussion: What Really Makes You Ill? with David and Dawn

A lot of money can be made from people who believe they are sick. In the modern world, the medical industry creates diseases and promotes fraudulent ‘solutions’ to consumers.

From ‘viruses’ to chronic illness, many ailments and life-threatening conditions can be traced back to toxic lifestyles and environments in society.


Study of ‘vaccine patches’ to be undertaken

University of Sydney researchers have been awarded $1.12 million in funding to undertake clinical studies into needle-free vaccine delivery for ‘at-risk groups’.

Dissolvable microneedle patches are predicted to be the wave of the future, and the same products are being used overseas to examine successful adoption of barcoded ‘vaccine tattoos’.