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Weekly “surveillance testing” set for ‘high-risk’ Melbourne workplaces

A quarter of the Melbourne workforce in ‘high-risk industries’ will soon be tested for coronavirus every week, as part of the plan to emerge from lockdown.

A weekly ‘asymptomatic testing regime’ is set to begin with 95 businesses, largely meat and poultry processing plants, and is expected to grow over the coming weeks.


Medical Hoax: The Mechanics of Eugenics

The social construction of many modern illnesses are driven by a corporate machine of disease mongers, which poison the body, becloud the mind and benumb the conscience.

The medical industry works overtime to invent sicknesses and to convince us we are suffering from them, while they inflict a system of pain and death disguised as ‘healing’ and ‘medicine’.

How much do we really know about this field? Why are doctors and pharmaceutical companies allowed to commit mass fraud? Is medical manslaughter covered up as ‘malpractice’?


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