December 1, 2023

5 thoughts on “Optogenetics: Examining Mind Control Through Light

  1. My word, Ethan, those Huxleys have a lot to answer for. And fancy Francis “Double-helix” Crick being involved in that brain-light research. As you indicate, the global-parasites will be using this invasive, manipulative technology as yet another tool to dumb-down and control the hapless populace. A good thing that about all I watch these days on “tell-lie-vision” is Rowan Dean and Cory Bernardi on Sky News and old episodes of “Inspector Morse”, “A Touch of Frost” and “Judge John Deed”, set in an England lost forever. Oh yes, and the occasional footy final. The bastards are probably using those sporting events to beam bad stuff into our brains so they are able to perform more than just their “circus” role (“bread & circuses”). And I mustn’t forget The Tour de France. Oh dear, it’s starting to look like I’m just another slave to “the idiot box”! At least Pixie’s brain remains pristine…she doesn’t watch any of that stuff.

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