December 1, 2023

7 thoughts on “Gender could soon become optional on birth certificates in Queensland

  1. Transpocalypse, a component of the planned dystopic New World Order (and subset of the transhuman/Human 2.0 agenda), starring “a bunch of trannies” (as the renowned US “transvestigator” Mr E would say). If anyone hasn’t seen any of Mr E’s work, I highly recommend it, although much of it has been deleted from the internet. After all, this is probably “the controllers'” biggest secret, their most comprehensive, pervasive deception. Mr E has developed a keen eye for “divine androgynes”, knows how they have done it and why they do it (hint: it is a form of satanic worship going all the way back to Babylon and Sumer). And I like his sense of humour. If you think I am off my rocker, I sympathize. Until about four months ago I was clueless about this weird phenomenon of “elite gender inversion” (EGI), and it took me several weeks to get my head around it. At one point I was saddened for several days when I realised that the beautiful actress I pretty much worshipped in my teens (had a large headshot photo of her as a poster in my bedroom for years) was/is a tranny.

    Yes, this is the daddy of all rabbit holes, which puts even Alice in Wonderland in the shade. “The controllers”, many of whom think nothing of mutilating their own unfortunate infants to create these creatures, which, in their warped minds, makes them into demi-gods, apparently want US, the despised Human 1.0 cattle, to also adopt this bizarre practice. And of course there will be no indiscriminate breeding allowed…think Brave New World. And don’t forget, as Ethan’s research revealed, Aldous Huxley’s mother was one of the paedophile Lewis Carroll’s “little girls”…I DID warn you this was a rabbit hole…

  2. This is the biggest joke of all time. When people (I use this term lightly) look back from the future they will laugh their arses off about this. How embarassing.

  3. All part of the trans-humanist agenda, paving the way to redefining what it means to be human!


    It’s like they have let the loonies out of the asylums and put them in charge!

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