October 1, 2023

3 thoughts on “British SAS operatives repeatedly killed Afghan detainees, report finds

  1. WHAT? Just Afghanistan? I thought it WAS ‘STANDARD M.O.’ for these ‘Elite Heroes’! Apparently THE Bought ICC of DEN HAAG, Couldn’t find ANY evidence to Convict at Least 3,000 PLUS U.K. troops on war crimes, just in IRAQ! & This, AFTER the U.K. DOD & other ‘Invested Agencies’ placed Everything other than a Tactical Nuke, in front of ‘Local’ – U.K. Govt implemented investigation teams – Another 1 Act play! The ICC gave comment, finally after only 1 week of ‘Scanning ALL the Evidence’, & then appeared to be reading from ‘Supplied Scripted Dialogue’! OOH, but you MUST track down ALL those nasty NAZI’S, BUT, look the other way on AZOVs.
    DO, you think U.S. Special Forces ‘Ops’, OR, OUR SAS are much better? – And I’m NOT talking about straight up Operational fire fights or Near post ‘Incidents’! – WHAT about the ‘Other Incidents’ of ‘DOING’ COMPLETE Villages, AFTER, ‘Strategic Provocation’ – such as USED Battery drops from Hueys onto Village rooftops to Cause a ‘TOTAL Response’? Maybe ‘Ventilating’ the odd Sea Container loaded with Afghan prisoners?
    Back to the U.K., maybe check British Historical operations Globally, from Bahrain to Mainland Europe & Ireland, including the illustrious ‘Para Regiments’, & personnel tagged as ‘Advisors’!
    Other tricks to bypass ‘Morality of Civilised Nations’ & adherence to International Conventions; Sub Contract Torture & ‘USE’ of Paid Sub Contract ‘Companies/ Units’ – Special Security Aka; That’s A Mercenary, AND, Rendition protocols & Flights,
    & ‘THEY’ talk Historically about the German elite troops as a ‘Marker’, compared to the Heavy weights of Europe & the U.S., The Waffen SS are ‘Amateurs’!!
    As with all other Members of ANY Force – Military or Law Enforcement, including the aforementioned SS, there are NO excuses, for going ‘Beyond’ an ACCEPTIBLE LIMIT of Operations, Taking into account that there is NO ‘Ideal World’! – BUT, WHAT ARE THESE UNITS DOING IN THESE PLACES – IN THE 1ST PLACE?? Please DO NOT tell me it is for the Greater Good! Define ‘GOOD’.
    & WHO ever said that WE, were ALWAYS on the side of Good?
    Last; There appears to be a Failure of Folks generally, to place or imagine themselves in other global citizens shoes! WE, have never had to fight thru our Cities, & streets to repel an ‘Invader’, Nor worn the ravaging of our kin by said forces, Nor awoken, IF lucky, from a ‘Remote’ or Saturation airstrikes, which have removed or Obliterated our direct environment/ Infrastructure & associated humans, pets & anything Living indiscriminately! WE have not had the misfortune of Loosing ALL of our possessions – With ZERO insurances & OR any support!
    If another Country’s Forces – special or not, were operating INSIDE our Sovereign borders WITHOUT our knowledge, OR, ‘taking Down’ our Infrastructure- Fuel/Food/Dams/ Utilities/ Airports/ Communications/ Hospitals Etc, or even ‘Data logging’ locations & Vulnerabilities, YOU WOULD be O.K. with this??
    IF 1 of your relatives/ Partner/ family, got ‘In the Way’ of ANY part of these ‘Operations’, You’d be O.K. if they were ‘Neutralized’ for ‘Convenience’?
    Heroes & Villains.

    1. Well said John.
      Citizens from the ‘five eyes’ nations need to wake up to the evil their governments are committing in foreign countries. As you said, the sheep need to put themselves in the shoes of the people that are being invaded. Maybe then they’ll realise how evil their governments really are.

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