October 1, 2023

25 thoughts on “‘My Body, My Choice’: Dr. Graham Lyons wins fight against PCR test refusal

  1. Any chance you could offer Disqus to comment on?? so much less complicated Thank you Jeanette Cooper

  2. Good for you Graham! It speaks Volumes that you, or any other Australian Citizen, have to go to this length to Fight against GOVERNMENT MISINFORMATION & ‘LACK OF SCIENCES’! Business as Usual then!!

    1. Interestingly however…Graham talks of being a scientist but gets his strength and resolve from prayer…Really???

      1. Yes, really! God is the Great Scientist who created all things! We are not random acts of slime, but made in the image of God.

      2. He has a great open mind & is a critical & lateral thinker. His science is a search for truth. He is gifted with emotional & spiritual intelligence so he has IQ EQ & SQ. This enhances his consciousness & the ability to understand the power of prayer which is supportive & reassuring & whilst is a mystery to some is very basic to feel, know & understand for others. Graham is one of those soulful & highly spirited people with a strong will & determination with NO FEAR!
        FREEDOM & CHOICE his objective for all of humanity………

    2. The other interesting aspect of all of this is that nobody ‘won’ anything…the SA Govt simply dropped the case.
      We’re his legal expenses reimbursed? No mention.
      An apology or notice of any sort from the Govt.
      And finally it leaves us salivating waiting for someone to actually tell us in exact ‘REAL’ terms…why the tests are fraudulent…what exactly is wrong with their modus operandi???
      I don’t fall for the govt angle on any of it but am sick of shallow analysis from the people who reckon they’re champions of some worthy cause.
      Too much has been hooked onto one topic after another in a train line of jargon filled BS and hot air with little or no real fact.
      Love for a media capable person to actually sift through just a little of the rubbish, one scrap at a time and not just drop throw away lines on topics like “The test is Fraudulent” or “nasal rape”…substance will enlighten people…not clever one liners…rant over🙂

      1. Says “I don’t fall for the govt angle on any of it”.. but then doesn’t know why PCR tests are fraudulent. Solid.

        Why should Graham have to go over points already beaten to death a hundred times over? Because you don’t know?

        One quick search of this website, your computer, or even listening to Graham’s podcast appearance below will answer your questions.

  3. He’s lucky he only got 24 days at home. I spent 28 days locked in a hotel in Brisbane in solitary confinement for refusing a PCR test after a flight from Melbourne. I was released from custody, still perfectly healthy, on 12 Nov 2021.

    1. This is disgraceful behaviour by the A Stasi regime, Grace. Looks like the medico-fascism is even worse in Qld than in SA. You need a Stuart Lindsay up there to mount a flawless Judicial Review of the whole “state of emergency” nonsense.

      I was in Brisbane again recently and must say that I found those quax mandate posters on your cafes, restaurants and hotels very disturbing and offensive. I tested several out and in all but one case the managers were not enforcing these unlawful, unconstitutional diktats. That is the best way to deal with this rubbish from “our” criminal governments. I also saw a very telling sticker plastered over an idiotic, childish covid directions notice near those restaurants near the Storey Bridge: “YOUR OBEDIENCE IS PROLONGING THIS NIGHTMARE”.

    2. Hi Grace have you been fined as well? Did you fight the charges? I was fined, charged and now summoned to court.

  4. Big thank you… unlike the MSM/fake news media, you and General are not afraid to give me the oxygen of publicity. And commenters above, thank you for your encouragement. This can be a lonely battle at times. Proggy, good thought but I am just too busy and have bigger battles to fight. Discussed cost recovery with my solicitor, but decided against it…it was quite a short case and although I ended up paying legal fees well in excess of the $1000 fine, you only get a proportion of costs back (if you win) and I was keen to finalise the thing…so we didn’t seek costs.

    The SA judicial review is our next focus…has been postponed until Wed next week (Stevens & Spurrier fear cross-examination in the Supreme Court as the evidence they used to impose the fake “state of emergency” was so flimsy).

    1. My partner and I are in the same boat here in WA. Copped 24 days and the crazy thing is that we had PathWest come out and take our bloods which came back with a negative result and we got approval for alternative testing from the WA health department! Police told us that our doctors don’t know what they’re talking about and PCR is the “Gold Standard” 😂. Back to court in July as it’s going to trial, fingers crossed this madness ends soon.

      1. Rick S, good on you both for refusing nasal rape followed by the fake test. Some “gold standard”…it would take more than an alchemist to turn the PCR & RAT into gold. In the final analysis, none of these Covid “directions”/”rules” are real laws…they have not been passed by Parlt nor been granted Royal assent…and in any case the whole thing is based on a false premise: there is no pandemic and never was, and hence no “state of emergency”. It is a prolonged, morbid pantomime designed to impose tyranny.

  5. This is great news; well done Graham and team! It would have taken nerves of steel to face the twenty grand fine or two years of lock up. I am also very impressed by the way he attacked the fraudulent PCR test as the main thrust of his defense.

    1. Thanks Kelrok, I’ve got good back-up and will keep fighting. We also had a win in stopping the Adelaide University quax mandate, and I gave the bastard director of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra hell for imposing a quax mandate on all ASO 2022 performances. There will be plenty more to deal with over the next few years. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

  6. Thank you Graham for being a leading example to the rest of the world. I hope you inspire many others to stand up and defend themselves against this corrupt system.
    Best news in ages!

  7. Thank you Graham for your disobedience because it is contagious. Keep up the good work and all our prays and good throughs go out to you and your family.

  8. Thanks Whip and Brett. Yes, HD Thoreau’s dictum “Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves” resonates with me, and I’m sure all of us at TOTT News and Real News Australia. In their podcasts/videos, Ethan, The General and Andy Somes provide us with, inter alia, valuable guidance on how to implement disobedience in the face of the Convid1984 coup.

    1. Thank you Graham, for setting a precedent. I am supposed to have a cataract operation tomorrow, but it may not happen, since they want me to have a rat test… In a way, I’m happy to wait a bit, since then, the surgery that has been possible for years, may be available widely, since it leaves stem cells in the eye, to grow a new natural lens & that makes plastic lenses obsolete! Love from sophie.

      1. Xander, I’m not having to deal with a fine, but a cancellation of a Cataract operation, since I didn’t have the covid jabs, won’t take a RAT test, have mask exemptions & won’t have a cannula with Midazolam inserted in my arm. There’s efficient numbing eye drops, used anyway & I’d rather know what’s going on, than being in a twilight zone. They want to have a meeting with me in February, hopefully, they don’t hope that by then, I’ll be that desperate, that I’ll agree to anything…
        In the meantime, I’ll possibly try L-Carnosine &/or Organic Castor Oil Eyedrops. Hopefully they’ll/did, scrap your fine, since they should, since it’s totally illegal & immoral too. Take care; sophie.

  9. Have a coming court case myself challenging the fine imposed onto me refusing a PCR test at Adelaide airport. I’m just wondering how others challenging the fine doing at court apart from dr. Lyons. Also, wondering anyone is still visiting this site since March. Any comment would be appreciated. Thanks

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