December 5, 2023

7 thoughts on “Anthony Albanese unveils high-speed rail vision for Australia

  1. Now those pesky Koalas aren’t in the way it’s full steam ahead. And of course communities along the old road routes will struggle that bit harder. But that’s okay, we won’t need a local shop when can have all our ebay tat sent up from Vic even faster!

    1. MMmm Rapid transit Rail.
      “My Fellow Victorians, Caesar Dan Andrews here. For those of YOU in these Difficult times, because I, US, are WELL Insulated from the Filth that passes for THE ‘plebs’, YOU who we’ve forced Out of Work, Or We’ve Collectively SCREWED OVER your former Independent Small Businesses, OR, The BANKS have Stolen your Hard Grafted for Assets, OR, YOU or Your Workforce have ‘Incidental Issues’ with a Small number of COVID ‘Pricks’, AWAKE, & CELEBRATE! Together/ Apart, I, HAVE PREVAILED!
      Moving forward with our Wunderbar New PRIME MINSTREL in a Spirit of Co- Operation & Jubilation @ having OUR names Immortalised on a brass plaque, we announce the New High Speed Rail system from our Glorious Victoria, to the Nether Regions of Palmers Bain!
      For God Sake, can you please Stand up Anna whilst I’m addressing the gathered Media?
      What? Er, In conference with my A.I.D.S, it appears That is in fact, Bris of bane.
      Shortly, Upon his return from Japan, & Grovelling to the WEF for Orders, Prime Minstrel, the Global Honwhoreable ‘Forever Ben Da Kneesee’, will be Counselling us on, Organisation, Foreign ‘Funding’ & where the Infrastructure will be Placed best, for Vested Interests Repayments!
      Now that the G.Soros Funded Co Operative Strong Cities Network has worked it’s ‘Magic’ in Victorian repressive representations, WE, are looking Forward to ‘Controlled Export Initiatives’, & ‘Selective Forces Rapid Deployments’, ASAP ‘Along the Line’, on IT’S Completion!
      The Way has been paved via a RAFT OF COMPLETE Coincidental Geo Engineering, By ‘Natural Catastrophic’ FIRE & FLOOD ‘ALLIGNMENTS’! And with this ‘UNforeseen Gifted Opportunity’ we say;
      Disenfranchised CON JOB -19 Australian Citizens can apply for Menial wages & Bread lines, thinly Veiled as some form of False ‘Return to Work’ diversionary Program, & so that WE, withe the ‘Other’ Co OPerative Dodgy MS Media CONmerce Reporting, can F.U.D.G.E.- (Fraudulently Using Demographic Genie Ethos) the Economic Numbers – AGAIN, with the Bonus of, Another Scenario to REDUCE Social security ‘Outgoings’! – Let them Eat Cake.
      So it’s WIN/ WIN! With the Money saved on ‘Work Programmes’, WE, can afford to Increase OUR SuperAnnuation Contributions to Ourselves & Associate ‘Allied’ Judiciary colleagues, Bust a Move on Better Parliamentary benefits, & top up the Members Bar with Exotically overpriced Foreign Pellets of Booze & a few Crates of Dom Perignon!
      Mm 1959 looks Good!
      NOW GET BACK TO WORK! – For those ‘Still capable’! SAFE & EFFECTIVE! – BUT, I, still love you All! ARGH! A Fluro Tradie! Didn’t we set our ‘Unmarked Dogs’ onto them previously?
      Get IT, away from my presence!”
      Next Week; N.S.W Premier the hon. Demonic PariahTit (Not to be confused with Metal Band SATAN – Maybe an offshoot) responds to the proposed/ Endorsed/ now Doubled Down/ bent over & Returned, Rail system – FARRTS – Foreign Augmented Rapid Rail Transit System.
      Mr Demonic has reported that His/ Her/ They- Govt, IS totally committed to Investment in the Co Operative Federal Govt FARRTS Initiative, & has played down the amount of Non productive ‘Hot Air/ Non recoverable- energies & Public Monies Trusts (P.M.T) the associated Govt Agencies & political systems ALREADY Binned on Projected ‘Nothings’ associated with Same. The ‘Green Toadies party’ @ A federal Political Level, initially supportive of FARRTS systems, was unavailable for official comment, but off the Record comments, seem to infer, that it’s, just more ‘Gaslighting’ by the Major Parties, with NO ‘End in Sight’! – QldAnna’s profile not withstanding.

  2. The smart rail has been planned since the eighties. People did not want to lose their land then and they do not now. Just another long term plan coming to fruition.

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