November 29, 2023

14 thoughts on “Australia’s quarantine camps are beginning to open

  1. The Orwellian nature of the names of these places is eerily troubling. “Wellcamp” and “Centre For National Resilience”… it’s enough to make ones skin crawl.
    The next thing that makes me want to vomit is the sheer waste of taxpayers money. All of this for something that is make believe. There is no virus.

    What’s more troubling is that I believe they secretly know this. So what then are these facilities actually for?

    1. These camps will become prisons for those who refuse the vaccines, you will be kept there indefinitely or until you accept the vaccine.

  2. What are these facilities for? Well considering the governments lies and deceit over the last two years over a virus that really is no worse than a bad year of the flu, then there has to be another agenda. I think about the complete over reaction of the government and the fear that they have instilled in their people. I think about governments all over the world stamping on their peoples rights and freedoms. I think that I know what is coming and the evidence is in these facilities just built and still being build for it would seem a never ending fear of a virus.It is not over and our freedoms have not been completely restored and I feel that we are on a knife edge as we approach winter when flu is in season. So here is my theory….
    Now that the governments have full control over the people they will call a state of emergency whenever they please under the guise of covid numbers increasing. This will allow them to imprison in these camps the remaining Australian citizens who are unvaccinated. (for their own protection) Next will be the dissenters who dare to question the narrative. (the demonstrators)
    The ultimate aim? Our PM who is a puppet of the UN and the new world order will ultimately hand over power to a world government…the UN. Each countries governments are preparing for it now.

  3. Make no mistake these are concentration camps for dissidents, you might as well be living in the Soviet Union at this point!

  4. I could be wrong about this, so please do your own research, but to quarantine healthy people is against the law, and it seems that there is plenty of bluff behind these kind of operations, preying on the ignorance of most people . Just because someone in uniform gives you a direction, it doesn’t mean that they have actual power to do this. Do not consent, and hold your ground. But having said all of that, I must admit that I find the fact that these camps exist terrifying!

  5. Who are all these ‘unvaxxed’ people expected on our shores?? Australians are not permitted to travel to other states without double vax.

  6. ‘Who Selects’, Who can Quarantine ‘Privately’ @ Home, & why there is a ‘Need’ to Quarantine ‘Others’ in a Like Minded Medical Situation, in 1 of these ‘National Re Silly Aunts’ Complexes?
    ‘Others’ Including ‘Anyone Questioning Anything’, Not Paying their ‘Bills’, The Long List of NEO ‘Domestic Terrorism’?
    Good News; In Keeping with Agenda 21/ 2030 ‘Sentiment’ – Didn’t see any Crematorium Chimneys!
    Probably use New ‘Liquification Processes’ – It’s ‘Eco Friendly’!
    & ‘The Resorts’ Must be Kosher! They’ve got Social Distancing, Mask wearing- (UNsafe & INeffective), Sterility (Chemical as well as Ambience), ‘Dead Head’ Personnel DIRECTIVE Communications, ‘Safe’ Food, Your own personal Shower Facility (None of that Open Shower Block ‘Wash Down’ Systems like Previous other Institutions, or ‘STATE Endorsed’ Christian Brothers ‘Operations’)!
    & Look! No Brown or Black uniforms (Not sure what’s under the HiViz Though), Besides, ALL of the ‘Black’ Units are Tied up with ‘Passive’ street Demo’s!
    OH! The ‘Sealer’ for Me, was that there’s NO ‘TOTAL Submission Means Freedom’ Slogans over the Main Entrance Gates!, NO Classic Quartette performing ‘On arrivals’, & NO walking down a ‘Walk of Shame’ Alleyway, lined with Portraits of Federal Or State Government ObergruppenFuhrers ‘Legends In their own Lunchtime!’
    Think that should get me enough Negative Social ‘Debit’s’ to get ME on THEIR ‘List’!
    Now where’s a Copy of that Movie, ‘The Great Escape’? Being a Motorcyclist, Steve McQueen looks Good!
    AND, With ALL you ‘Conspiracy Theorists’, Don’t you KNOW, IF ‘They’ (THE Camps), Weren’t ‘Required’, Do you think THE Government ‘Wouldn’t’ (?), have built them! I mean, REALLY?
    ‘KEEN & EFFICIENT’! (Think I can add that to ‘Safe & Effective’)! Must be have been ‘Subcontractors’ Organisation!
    You can ‘Gauge’ this ‘C Theory’ against the ‘Acquisition’ By Government of an Extra 250 Million ‘Plus’, EXTRA Doses (About 10 ‘Extra jabs’ for EVERY Man/ Woman & Child in Australian Population), of ‘Safe & Effective’ Jabs – Tell ME, that’s NOT Future Foresight, AND, ‘NOT Required’!
    Footnote to United Nation’s ‘NO Speak ‘Controllers” – I Said – A ‘Man’, A ‘Woman’, A ‘Child’ as in a ‘BOY’ & a ‘GIRL’! Don’t know personally, of the EXTRA Physiological ‘Other’ Species ‘Pretending’ to be Circulating around on this 3rd Rock from our Sun!
    Sorry again. I think you can get a ‘Nice Cup of Tea’, @ N.R.C Site. YEP!, That’s ‘Swung’ Me!
    ‘Sicher UND Effektiv’! LOL. Apologies to ALL German Persons for consistent language references.
    Something about Historic process Simile.

  7. Establishment of these “camps” suggests that the government knows there will be future pandemics and therefore they are getting prepared. It’s expensive and disruptive putting people in commercial motels etc.

    Also bear in mind that refugees and illegal immigrants need placement in areas such as these so they can also be used for those purposes.

    Ideally, some of them could be used to provide relief / temporary accommodation for the numerous homeless people we have all over the country.

  8. For that price they should be lakeside apartments with all the trimmings! $580mil to accommodate 500 people in some prefab buildings on cheap land, that’s $1mil per person and $80mil left over for other buildings. You can build a mansion with $1mil if you already own land. Sounds like dodgy deals to me…..

  9. $580mil to erect prefabs on cheap land for 500 people, that’s insanely over-priced. $1mil person for accommodation (you can build 7 star luxury with views and lake for that) and still have $80mil for other building works. Sounds like some dodgy dealings to me……

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