October 1, 2023

14 thoughts on “Canberra protesters moved on from campsite by tactical police unit

  1. I am disgusted with Australians. 26.5 million Australians and that little gathering is all we could muster and then the moment it got hard. everyone gave up. And then there were the tow truck drivers who were working with the cops. Why did they not refuse too. Our nation is dead. RIP Australia. Even the Canadians managed to rouse over 50k people and blocked entire borders and had a real spine to stand up and say NO. Canadians dont have guns either ! As for taking your stuff.. what part of “You will have nothing and be happy” do you not understand ? You think that is a bluff ? The Citizens party and One Nation have been trying to protect everyone’s cash in the banks from a BAIL IN but again.. you think “she’ll be right mate” of which I say.. you silly people.. no it will not be ok. According to the ADF.. by 2025, our population will be 16 Million. So ten million of you are going to vanish. But yes I am sure the Australian Defence Force website is a scam ! Trust in the government.. how about asking for the bushfire appeal money back that they stole.

    1. I meant ADF Australian Defence Force (Their website on future predictions for Australia).
      And Boomboom below says it perfectly. Get off your asses Australia. We did not fight 200 years to just throw it all away and become slaves or get exterminated.

      1. Buenos Dias. Couldn’t find ‘Future Predictions Population Sizes’, AFTER Going thru ALL the AO(ffence)D Actual WANK! If SO kind – Directions / Links please, for Myself & Others. KOOL AS!

        1. RE: cannot find ADF Website future data predictions:
          The information “comes and goes” from the website. I suspect there is someone or was someone who was unhiding the information as a “Whistle-blower” but we all know how Australia treats honesty. I will try to find the video someone made of it. It was on YouTube but again, I have been unable to find it again. Perhaps ask on platforms like Telegram and GAB, as I am sure someone there will have links to it. I would do this work for you but unfortunately I am quite ill at the moment (Not with covid. I have EDS). so my computer time is limited. I do wish you success in finding it and please, if you do, republish it on protected platforms so that more people become aware.
          I am using my real name and real email address to post on this site so I can be contacted.

          1. Well According to ‘YOU CAN TRUST US, WE’RE AAP ‘FACT CHECKERS’ Sponsored By LATENT GLOBALISTS ‘R’ US, Clown World & ‘ARE’ – TRUSTED, ACCURATE,IMPARTIAL , (Give Me a Break Gary!), & who HAVE ‘Fact Checked’ Everything from ‘COVID 19 Vaxxs’ , (STRIKE THAT!), COVID JABS Cause Infertility- According to AAP ‘FACT CHECKERS’ -THAT’S FALSE, & IT WAS ON ‘YOU TUBE’ – SO THAT’S SCIENTIFIC!!! (DON’T WORRY ABOUT ‘APPENDIX A’ ON PFIZERS OWN RECOMMENDATIONS)!
            Thankyou for the 'Heads Up!' I'll keep looking.
            Hope Your Health has an Improvement.

              1. Probably loosened rogue ‘Brain Cloud’ floating around in Cranial structure! Courtesy of lovely EPA Enviro prohibited Flouride & Alumina ‘Dissolved’ into Water Supply by ‘Another Safe & Effective’ – ‘Authority’, and a Side order of 5G! LOL.

                1. My house mate family and friends are heading down from QLD to CBR to protest and are all organised to go. I wish I could go but due to illness, i cannot walk (or stand) very far. I have been giving tips on what protective eye wear and N95 masks to use not for Covid but for pepper spray. God only knows they love knocking us old people down (we cant get back up again lol) and then seeing how we like the Scoville challenge. We grow the California reaper so we are practicing for this exclusive club but we are wondering.. do we get a prize if we get pepper sprayed and like it ? Double layer thick clothing as an option if rubber bullets start flying is important too. Nothing like a rubber bullet to the back. Those with crash helmets.. take them. You just might need it from getting pepper sprayed and a rubber bullet to the face. Fairly soon I expect the red arm bands to come out, and then military forcing people onto the trains. Camp Liberty here we come… (notice what I did there.. used their opposites thing). People are fighting this and after seeing how many people in all the communities are really fighting this.. I think the polies should be terrified. this coming election (if it is run fair… like Venezuela.. vs “dodgy as F” like the USA…. then they really should be terrified as this election will certainly see a massive hung parliament and there may even be a chance of the minority parties forming a coalition and having a government NO MORE two party system. Go Pauline !! There are so many people who would.. let me correct this.. EVERYONE I have ever met no matter their IQ level, could do better than Slowmo.. oh sorry.. Scomo ? I mean really.. we should just give them all a mental state test just so we know which few polies are NOT sociopaths. How about we get that new government and make political campaigns face the same scrutiny as advertising. Making false claims. Changing the product after review so it no longer meets orignal specifications. Can you imagine if a party had to be suspended from participating in the next election if it blatantly lied.. sort of like the Olympics of democracy haha. This however is quite serious. We need a bill of rights and we need a chance to have firearms again. NEVER again should Australians ever be this subject to an illegal government that makes its own unchallengeable laws, illegally uses the wrong coat of arms, and made us a corporation on the US stock exchange. We are not products damn it.. we are people. We need to bring Australia back up at least to the top 20 in global metrics too. We were 7th back in 1976 I think.. (ok I do need fact checking here). We should cap politicians wages to reflect the real world wages, with no perks after you quit like this insane immediate pensions and even free air travel. No.. catch the bus and the train like the rest of us. Fly cattle class like the rest of us. This is actually how some EU nations are run now. Take all the money out of politics with set term limits and make donations calculated by the year and cap it so no one can get banked into first place ! Stuff it.. lets just do what ICELAND did a few years back. you know it took them only two years to fix their entire system and their economy ? If you have not seen the short cartoons Pauline Hanson now makes.. it is a must see. Head over to One Nation’s website and buckle down for a hard laugh. She really is a funny woman but its all sadly… true. Ok so Clive Palmer might not really be Jabba the Hut.. but close enough right ?

  2. People in many other countries protesting on behalf of Australia and what do most Australians do. She’ll be right mate, “the news” said ,your, whoops we mean “it’s” all under control. Millions of dead diggers will be rolling in their graves.

  3. There are Hundreds “Still” on the way, it was “short” notice, its (ONE) battle but the “WAR” for freedom will Continue !
    Police ” Shame Shame Shame, F^7king “SHAME” Souled out “YOUR OWN CHILDREN”

  4. Hmm, Police can’t make up THEIR Mind on Man arrested on ‘IT’S A’ ‘Modified Shotgun, NO Modified Rifle. Maybe it’s a BlunderBust?
    Must have been why THE Sgt SLAUGHTER Formation Team, Resplendent in Black, On ‘Leave’ from The George Soros ‘Sponsored’ Einsatzgruppen Childrens Fund & Strong Cities Network, happened to be in CAN’TBERRA for a Picnic! AND REQUIRED! IS ‘Prime Minstrel SCAMO, Back in the ‘Bunker’ Yet?
    “RATS in Battalions WERE ‘Ruling The STREET SCENE, Militant Mothers with Their Pots & Pans!”
    Thankyou Alice Cooper FOR ‘Direction!’
    As for ‘THE Trucker’ Convoy, Great! NOT Marshalling ‘Enough Support’, CAN be ‘Possibly’ Defended on The Elites Paid Whore – THE MS Media’s PURPOSEFUL ‘Quarantine’ of ANYTHING ‘PRO CHOICE’! – WHAT does Anyone Expect, who ARE Awake? Folks can Rant & Rave, GET PASSED being ‘Disgusted/ Disappointed/ Any other Analogy.’
    With THE ‘Media’s Projections TO the Masses’ in Mind, I generally only watch ‘Whoresville News’, to ‘TRACK’ their M.O. & Folks should already KNOW, THE STANDARD Spiel, thru ALL of THE ‘Broad casts’, from ‘NEWS’ (VERY Loose Term), Financials (Talking Up DECEPTION & NON Responsible Economic RAPE of Nation’s Financials)- ‘Facebooks Stock Devaluations’, Are NOT apparently from THE Mass De platforming BY THAT GROUP, of Non ‘Compliant or Platform Conditions Infringement Customers’. It’s ‘Some other Commercial Reason!’
    Even to THE ‘Weather’, ‘ANOMOLIES’ (Via HAARP & DARPA ‘Global Platforms/ Projects – Inputs/ Outcomes), NOW, NOT to be ‘Discussed Globally! Apparently part of National Security!
    Back to ‘The Truckers!’ GREAT, BUT, ISN’T THERE MORE THAN ‘JUST THIS?’ Folks Generally should be using as Wide a Spectrums as ARE AVAILABLE to BACK PRESSURE, ‘THE INDENTURED CORRUPTIONS’ OF ‘WHAT WE EXIST IN/ ON!’
    Last; IF ‘THE Politicians’ (READ. NOT STATESMEN & WOMEN – Individual Politicians ‘Excused’), ‘ARE’ a Reflection of THE Population AS A WHOLE, Then, as a ‘Collective’, WE ARE Arrogant, Self Centered, Egotistical, Greedy, Selfish, Rude, MERCENARY, Thoughtless, NON Empathetic, Ignorant, Illiterate, NON Worldly, Bullies, NON respectable, & Generally STUPID & FULL OF THE COLLOQUIAL ‘SHIT!’
    IF this DOES NOT Describe YOU – GREAT!
    IF, ANY part of this Description ‘Applies’ to YOU, – YOU are the ONE, RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CHANGE!
    BE a Catalyst for Others & Vice Versa! Perhaps in ALL, This SWINDLE COVID SOMETHING (IF they can ever find ‘THE BEAST’, Just like ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’, have STILL NOT BEEN FOUND IN IRAQ), MAY be what’s ‘Required’ for the NEW Genesis (& SCREW THE 4TH IND REVOLUTION), for a Better quality of US, WITHOUT THE ‘IDIOT ELITE’ A.I. ‘INORGANIC’ Involvement!
    Wellness – EVOLVE @ YOUR OWN ‘RATE’, TO BE MORE!

  5. Brilliant work collating and archiving all of this footage. I suspect that much if not all of it will be memory holed on other platforms, sooner rather than later. If this happens, your work will be even more valuable and important than it already is. Thank you for the time you are taking to put these posts together. I know it must require more patience and effort than meets the eye. You’re an Aussie legend, as are all of the folks who support your site as Members. Cheers.

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