September 23, 2023

5 thoughts on “Police arrest three people in Canberra as convoy protests continue

  1. These scumbag cops make me sick! When the people win this war all cops should be prosecuted and replaced with new recruits trained under an independent commission appointed by the people. The whole lot of them are corrupt to the core, especially the federal cops. They’re supposed to serve the people, not criminals in government!

  2. The brutal Australian police on instructions from the political and medical tyrants dictators who have hijacked our democracy and all our civil rights medical rights human rights and freedoms will I believe live to regret such heinous actions and gross violations of Nuremberg principles Nuremberg code which is totally unforgivable.
    The also totally corrupted and deeply deeply deeply conflicted mainstream media empires ditto !!

    Glenn Wheatley: 74-year-old “double vaccinated” Australia music icon dead after weeks suffering in hospital, mainstream media blame COVID-19 – The COVID Blog

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