December 1, 2023

14 thoughts on “Freedom protests: Melbourne fights back, Sydney blocked | Coverage

  1. WTF I returned from Mainland China in 2015. And I swear I am back there.

    Can’t open any video links as they have all been vlokcked here in Victoria

  2. It’s becoming increasing clear why the government wanted legisation to send in foreign troops, things are certainly getting interesting I just wonder far things are going to go!

    1. In GAZA French snipers came to assist Israel .. they shot pregnant women in the belly ..
      “Hi honey how was your day in GAZA?”

  3. Danistan and New South Gaol just keep getting worse. Adelaide today was like paradise in comparison: a spirited crowd of about 4000 (by far our biggest yet), sunny weather, and cooperative police assisted our march through the CBD.

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