June 7, 2023

6 thoughts on “Door-to-door jabs floated, media protest deceptions and more | ATG

  1. “Health advice goes full blown lunacy”…an apt title for one of the segments. Although I suppose that’s been the case from the start of the coronahoax. Pretty ordinary suggestion from Andrew Clavell, the Sky News reporter, viz “Send in the Army + NSW Health to vaxx the 200,000 Fairfield residents while they’re locked up”. With Clavell gone full-blown medical fascist, Sky is left with just Cory Bernardi, Rowan Dean and [usually] Alan Jones to raise doubts about the Covax. Andrew is now in the running for my next Quaxling of the Week award, along with Janet Albrechtsen and Katrina Grace Kelly of “The Australian”, telling us yesterday we have to all get quaxxed or be excluded from society. And I used to usually like their conservative-based commentary. But now they reveal themselves as mere MSM presstitutes. The Covax coercion has reached fever pitch!

    I was wondering why on earth JLB has based himself in Bulgaria of all places? We nearly got robbed there (on the night train from Bucharest to Sofia) in 1997, but now it sounds as if its freer and a happier place to be than Ozcatraz…not hard, I guess.

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