September 27, 2023

3 thoughts on “Study finds paracetamol ‘no better than placebo’ for most pain

  1. An important subject, and yet another indictment of pHARMa…as if the coronahoax (including the covax) were not enough! Yes, the placebo effect is powerful and demonstrates the profound effect of the mind/brain on health and physiology.

    I never thought paracetamol was much good. I have found 2 aspirins to be highly effective for occasional headaches and sinus pain.

    1. I echo your sentiments here Graham. Pharma comes from the greek word Pharmakeia, which stands for “anything that medicates the mind”. In laymen terms meaning, “put under a spell”. People have been put under a spell for centuries, by the music industry, Hollywood, the MSM, the Education system and for many many millions of others, the pharmaceutical industry. And now, here we are as planned, most people having been medicated to the point of having been turned into sheep, all being rounded and herded helplessly into the truck heading for the knackery. What a sad but predicted state of affairs.

  2. What a superb summary of, and explanation for, the parlous situation in which humanity now finds itself, Legitano7.

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