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Max Igan discusses the COVID reset, history lie

We are living in crazy, uncertain and unprecedented times here in Australia, while the world struggles to hold on to the foundations of truth, freedom and liberty.

As this engineered event continues to unfold, moves are being made behind the scenes to reform many key systems across society, using the coronavirus to call for ‘The Great Reset’.


Member Circle: Preparations | August 2020

The Mind Virus has dramatically reshaped human culture, and while many challenges lie ahead, some changes present opportunities to broaden the horizons of like-minded communities.

In the end, it is said the glory of darkness is to be vanquished by the torch. All the forces in the world cannot stop an idea whose time has come.


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Discussion: Police acting like thugs in Melbourne

Victoria remains under harsh COVID-19 restrictions, with hundreds of fines being handed out for breaches of directives set by authorities and videos of controversial arrests surfacing.

The role of a police officer was once seen as barren ground for empathy – the experience of understanding, sharing in and caring about another’s emotions. Not anymore.


Fanos Panayides discusses COVID-19, media lies

Melbourne is now enduring some of the toughest COVID-19 lockdown restrictions in the world, with the state government announcing new draconian rules this week.

One man, Fanos Panayides, has been on the ground documenting the unfolding events since the beginning. He was recently arrested during national lockdown protests and appeared on 60 Minutes to defend free thinkers who are skeptical of government narratives.