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Member Circle: The Hatchery of Scientism

The world’s leading medical research foundation has teamed up with former DARPA directors to usher in unprecedented biopharmaceutical control, including for newly-born babies.

As virus hysteria continues to morph beyond vaccine goals posts, the next 'solution' phase will include 'preventative' implanted technologies and biometric 'prediagnosis' of individuals.

What follows the Epsilon Agenda? How does the Brave New World Order model truly become fulfilled? What is Australia's connection to this plan?


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The Great Split: Re-Examined | FFT

As predicted for some time, authorities and the mainstream media are now beginning to push the notion that unvaccinated individuals pose a danger to themselves and others.

This mass social engineering operation will mark the evolution of the COVID narrative, underpin approaching medical apartheid schemes and instigate the long-discussed Great Split.


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