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COVIDSafe App: Gateway to Social Credit

The message from Australian authorities is simple, patronising and misleading: Download the COVIDSafe app and we will start letting you out of coronavirus lockdown.

Despite the claims, experts insist that surveillance tracing tools of this nature are not effective in preventing the spread of a virus, and further analysis reveals the underlying intention of the application may in fact be to log, capture and monitor citizen behaviours.

Is COVIDSafe the missing link needed to kick-start an Australian ‘social credit system’?


Follow The Signs: Sync and Numerology

Do you believe in fate? Or that the universe has some kind of influence on world events? Perhaps maybe that divine intervention is real? One thing is for sure, an undeniable array of unexplained and creepy ‘coincidences’ can be found woven in the fabric of the human story.

Synchromysticism and numerology serve as secret languages encoded inside the realm of reality that can be used to decipher meaning in ways not apparent to the naked mind.

How can we use cryptic understandings of symbols to decode, map and predict the path of world events? What can we learn about the coronavirus by digging beneath the surface?


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New Zealand tiptoes towards tyranny

New Zealand has been under draconian Level 4 COVID-19 restrictions for four weeks and reportedly will not have the rules lifted until midnight on Monday.

From gun restrictions being implemented to biometric surveillance increases, New Zealand has experienced quite a dramatic shift in daily life over the last 12 months.



Learning From History: Infected Polio Vaccine

As the world continues to experience draconian lockdown measures in hopes of ‘flattening the curve’, millions are now crying out for a vaccine ‘solution’ to end the ongoing COVID-19 saga.

Many remain unaware of the controversial history of vaccine responses to pandemic outbreaks, including documented archives revealing millions of cancer-causing polio doses were knowingly released to Australians.