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Dan Andrews: ‘Don’t focus on conspiracy theorists’

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has called out the “appalling behaviour” of people flouting Melbourne’s strict coronavirus restrictions.

Recently speaking to the press, Andrews pleaded with the public to ‘ignore conspiracy theorists’ who “have no basis in science, fact or law”.

Victorian police can enter homes without a warrant

As part of new stage 4 lockdown restrictions announced this week, Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has cited harsher penalties for those found not to be following COVID-19 directions.

At the direction of health officers, authorities in Victoria can now enter any home without a warrant or permission, and take any action they deem ‘necessary’ to ‘slow the spread’.


Fanos Panayides discusses COVID-19, media lies

Melbourne is now enduring some of the toughest COVID-19 lockdown restrictions in the world, with the state government announcing new draconian rules this week.

One man, Fanos Panayides, has been on the ground documenting the unfolding events since the beginning. He was recently arrested during national lockdown protests and appeared on 60 Minutes to defend free thinkers who are skeptical of government narratives.


Member Circle: The World Cult | July 2020

Humans have been trained to comprehend information with appeals to authority and mass consensus, particularly when it comes to the scientific priests of our time.

From vaccinations and GMOs, to COVID-19 and fables of the past, the cult of scientism has become a sole authority over the human mind.


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