October 1, 2023

1 thought on “Inside the Australian warehouses with robotic workers

  1. Good News, when All the Humans have lost their collective ‘Jobs’, No One will be able to afford the ‘Robot House’ merchandise! So hopefully, the New Human Sparta, will see warehouses FULL, but Nowhere to go. Maybe then, the ‘Robots’ could sit around playing ‘Cards’, with Nothing to deliver!
    Pull your expenditure from these Corporations & go back to local human suppliers – Banks as well – Find a local community orientated bank! Use carbon life forms at checkouts, & leave the self scanners checkouts – WEAR the time NOT using, these self scanners, OR, WEAR the Job losses! K-Mart & Big W, have been quietly introducing these systems for years – I no longer shop there! Banks did the same with ATMs via reductions in ‘Tellers’.

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